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Writer's Group

I don't know if this would qualify as a sub-forum or not.... I'm not quite up to speed with forum terminology. What I'm going to suggest is what's called a 'board' I'm pretty sure.

Okay, here's the idea: A board called "Writers Circle" (or group). Basically, it's a place where writers can post their stories or link to their stories in a thread and get a serious response/critique back. It's to encourage and improve confidence, creativity and style. Usually what happens when a writer's group meets is that a member hands out his or her story (or maybe a few people hand out their work), which is then up for discussion the following week. It would work a bit differently on a forum obviously, and all it takes is a few committed people -and with all the people I've encountered in the Literature section looking for advice, I think it would be a real help.

Right, so there's my idea. Thought I'd put it out there.
The literature forum basically does that. All they need is people to reply to them with decent advice.

I advice that you read the rules before the mods screw you upside down (they are known to be very unfair and horrible afaik).

Also, there are already two forums dedicated to your purpose.

The literature one and teh art gallery.

I believe that writing stores fall under art (esp if you have read the description).
I wasn't trying to suggest anything that would be against the rules -I've already read what not to suggest before starting this thread. I just wasn't sure what it would qualify under, I was pretty sure what I was suggesting was just a board... ah well. Just wanted to make that all clear -something that can be difficult to do over the web. ^_~

Hm, I'll look into the Art thing and I'll browse around the Literature one some more. Most of the threads I read had more to do with suggesting books to read or discussing books already published.

Thanks for your advice though!
Actually the art gallery is made for all art made by users, including poetry and literature/stories.
Hey, this might be a good idea, a special area specifically for critiques.

Certainly we currently have areas that cover things you may be writing about. For example if you wrote a proposal you could past it under ‘jabs and learning’ a lave letter under ‘relationships’ a science paper under ‘science and nature’ ect. But these forums are generally attended by people interested in the specific subjects and not how it is written.

Personally, I find it invaluable to have people look over my work, with a literary perspective. Even someone, or most valuably someone who has no idea about the subject. If they can understand it anyone will, especially your intended target.

My first assumption on such a category would be that there would end up being a lot more submitters than critiquers. This could be brought to equilibrium with economics. Charge frihost$ for a submittal. I would pay.
Wow, that's great! Truth be told I became a bit disheartened by the 'we already have one of those' type of messages. No offense, I would just really like to see a specific area put up where people can critique each other's work and offer support.

True, my intention was more from a writer's perspective and not a student's (fiction/non-fiction vs. term paper), but hey, why not?

I wouldn't mind paying points for submissions either.

I'm glad to see some support. Thanks.
Some good points were made here..

I dono..i guess you could have one but the laguage one almost has that.

BTW..what does the "points" pay for after you have a site up?..upgrades?

SnoopDizzile wrote:
BTW..what does the "points" pay for after you have a site up?..upgrades?

The sticky in the Announcements section, "About FRIH$ and Points" has detailed information about Points/FRIH$.

Maybe we should just give this an experiment. Next time one of us has a piece that needs a critique lets personal message and decide on a topic for works needing critique and people able to critique. Sound good?

My first thought is to use the survey feature to allow members to committee by voting ‘true’ to visit the topic and critique the posted works. Possibly, we could also establish a reward system with Frihost$ for effective critiques. This would of course be on an honor basis. I think the Frihost crowd is well up to it.

We should also set guidelines such as that critiques should be on the literary effectiveness of the piece and not all the other wheener-nearer-nooner that people like to vomit.

If the topic stays non-ridiculous and we get to a tenth or so page I think the Frihost supers will accommodate.

Um, yes…? I think, because I’m not really sure what you meant in your reply.

I like the idea of a test run, but I’m not sure I follow how you intend to set it up. I’m not very Frihost savvy, so it’s all a little lost on me. It sounds good. Confusing, but good.

Please clarify?

I’d be fine sending you something of mine to critique; I’ve had things piled up for ages. Not that I intend to send them, some are better off collecting dust, really. I’ve a question tho’. What genre do you favour? I think it might be difficult to critique something one isn’t interested in.

Right, I've re-read your reply again (admittedly for the third time). So what you mean to say is that I should send you my piece I'd like critiqued (since I have one in mind), and then decide a topic for it -a thread name, perhaps under the Literature or Art board, and then have people critique it from there? If they do a good critique I can donate some of my own FRIH$ points to their account?

Something like that, yes?
We’ll make a new topic.
Establish a set of rules.
Find some way to get some people good with English to visit the topic often to critique peoples’ work, such as mine, that needs some help.
There is a feature on the forum that allows you to set up a survey. We could us it to allow people to ‘commit’ to returning. It would be an easy way to judge how popular the topic is becoming.
Hmm, I don't quite understand that feature you described, I s'pose I'll have to see it first, you know. Since you seem to know more about it, why don't you go ahead and start up the thread?

Just one thing worries me... Can we make rules in a thread and not get in trouble? I read something in the rules about backseat moderating. I don't want to take it upon myself to set something up within the FriHost forums that wouldn't be appreciated by the mods.

So here's my question to any of the mods out there, reading this post: If you've read the above, is what we are planning here okay to do? By that I mean set up a thread with rules and such and donate points according to favourable critiques (as deemed by the author of the piece in question)?
n0obie4life wrote:
I advice that you read the rules before the mods screw you upside down (they are known to be very unfair and horrible afaik).

Of course, you can't get a better opinion from anyone but an ex-mod Wink

Back on topic now:

What horseatingweeds described is OK. I think he's talking about the "Poll" feature on the forums where members can vote in a poll attached to the thread.

Anyway, I have been thinking of starting a writing contest. I would have started it already but there are a couple of issues that need sorting. For one thing, it's going to have to be based on a separate site because I plan to archive all the entries.

The contest duration will be for 10 days in which time each member is allowed to post a piece of writing (poetry or prose) on a pre-decided topic/theme. The judges for each instance will be selected by me (with help from some other mods, perhaps) among members who we think have a good command over English, etc. Each time, the judges will be different to prevent bias and/or bribery of any kind :p. Results will be announced within 2-3 days after the deadline.

All archived entries for each theme will be accessible by all members, and viewers are also allowed to "rate" (say, out of 10), and comment on the entires, although these ratings and comments will have no bearing on the end results. However, I expect this to take minimum 2-4 weeks and not less than that. Also note that this is likely to be an official Frihost contest, so there will be some FRIH$ involved. If I don't get the official sanction for it, I'm unfortunately going to have to ask members to pay about 10 FRIH$, and I'll personally pool in about 100-150 FRIH$ myself, and we'll have to accept FRIH$ donations from the other users as well.

Currently, my idea is to let all users submit any entries, but if there is a huge participation, I may have to separate poetry and prose. I'll make an official announcement about this when the contest can be run within a few days after the announcement. Till then, any suggestions (and criteria for judgement) are welcome.
Interesting, I love writing contests. Just to be clear: Should I choose to particiapte, would I have to enter something for each of the 10 days to be in the running for the win? Or does each day have a different winner?

Horseatingweeds, if you'd like to start up that thread, perhaps explaining what we're meant to do/rules, etc.? You'd prolly do better at it than I.

OK, let me work something up.
Weslyn, the idea behind the contest is that I give the topic/theme, and you have 10 days to come up with your best piece of writing. Sometrimes, excellent writing takes a little inspiration, and inspiration doesn't come all the time... so the 10 days to come up with the best piece of wrigint you can.
Oooh, okay, right then. *sheepish look* Sorry I didn't get that. Thanks for the clarification. Do you know how soon you be starting up this contest? Where can I find it when you do? *anticipates happily*

Horseatingweeds - Rock! Thanks a bunch. Did you want me to send my story to you or should I post it straight away?

PRobably around the beginning of July, if not sooner.
Post it, I'm usless. Thats why I like the idea of someone looking over my work.
With one submission, I consider the Writer's Circle a success. Of course, I am hoping that more people will post their work, I know I will be . . . soon . . . ish.

Much thanks for all the input given here!
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