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Nick Hornby

Anyone here have ever read a book by Nick Hornby?

I don't know about the other books by him, but so far I've read just one book by him, A Long Way Down, which, I admit, is quite good.

It is about four different persons with each different personalities with different problems in life that they decided to end it all and go up the Topper's House, which is a famous place to kill yourself. There, they met and so started an unlikely friendship between the 4 of them. But is it enough to hold them back from suicide has been the question throughout the novel, and i must say the novel deal with life pretty excellently. I especially like the ending, and phrases such as people don't kill themselves because they hate life, it's because they love it but it was messed up so bad they can't get back and live it.

Recommended, but you must not take offence. Lots of swearing words in there.
I've still got a few other books to get through but am planning on reading that book soon.

I've read "How To Be Good" by Nick Hornby and would thoroughly recommend it, really makes you think. Don't assume it's a preaching book by the title though, it's a semi-ironic title (it will spoil the story if I explain the meaning). Plenty of humour even though it appears to quite a distressing story from afar.

Also, I've watched High Fidelity (the film) which is based on his book of the same name. Very good and funny too.
If you liked How to be Good, you should definitely read About a Boy--the best Nick Hornby book of all (in my opinion)! Very Happy
pristine wrote:
If you liked How to be Good, you should definitely read About a Boy--the best Nick Hornby book of all (in my opinion)! Very Happy

Also, if you have seen the film of the book and think the book isn't worth reading apparently the film isn't a terribly good interpretation (as always) and the ending is altered.
I read About A Boy / that was first book by him Ive ever bought and read. It is just fantastic! I love the way he writes...

Also, I bought How To Be Good but I didnt managed to read it... I started but didnt finished.
I see quite a suggestions on About A Boy and How to be Good. I;m gonna pick them up and read them, but I don't think it'll be in the short time. I'm busy with study right now cause i'm taking a major examination in my countrythis year. I have to really do well in it, so that I'll get an interview, so that I can continue my studies abroad. I'm 17 now, so, wish me luck!
im a big fan of the movie high fidelity. do you think it would be wise to read the book now that ive already seen the movie a hundred times? it would be weird reading it, and its all set in england.

also, since high fidelity is all about music, which i am a big fan. how would about a boy compare? i love music, but dont really like children. Laughing and i dislike hugh grant even more.

wasnt there supposed to be a theatre production based on high fidelity coming out?
I read About a Boy, it was very good.
I don't know what I didn't try to read his other books. Which of them is the best? Except About a Boy, of course Very Happy
He has a few books out on Dave Eggers' publishing company, McSweeney's, about music--Housekeeping vs. The Dirt being the newest. They're pretty funny. It's a collection of editorials he wrote for Vendela Veta's monthly magazine The Believer.

I think one of the next books I buy will be How to be Good, since there is so much positive criticism of it here.
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