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What are your preparations for the Germany 2006?

Only 2 days remaining and the big organization will start...Many people bought new TVs,take a month off Very Happy ,stored drinks and snack and now waiting for the first GOAL of the tournement...
I won't go to school and canceled all of my plans...I stored sncak and drinks...Registered World Cup Communities etc...
Now I want to ask:
What are your preparations for the Germany 2006?
I prepared nothing, that is only football...

Fond of football, I won't be able to see all the matches.

But I find it so grievous to see people buying new televisions only for this world cup. It make me vomit to see all this infatuation only for sport. And televisions will be less expensive after. So I will wait before changing mine...
It's kind of impossible for one to watch all matches in the world cup unless he/she is a really big soccer fans. It's lucky that my school ends next week which means I will have a lot of time watching world cup. Anyway, I think I'll just watch the final and quarter final, as weel as some big matches (e.g. England vs. Brazil; Argentina vs. Germany, etc) Another than those, I'm just going to go to forums or yahoo to see the results.
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The world does not have to come to a standstill because the footie is on the tele. I will no doubt be subjected to it at work as our employer has allowed teles in for the England matches. I just hope that I am off shift for those games, then i can go to town and do what I need to do without it being too busy. Wink
Absolutely nothing. Well, reading soccer news is interesting but to really spend so much time (or rather wasting time) just to sit down and watch a match, its really a waste of time to me.

Perhaps my days of watching soccer is over, cos i used to spend hours watching and gambling on soccer matches. But no more, cos i've found better use for that kind of time and money. Cheers! Smile
Prepare to watch football matches. Prepare to have no enough of sleep.
i have been changing my sleep patterns in order to watch all the games and not feel tired, lol and fill up the pantry and fridge with lots of snacky type foods Laughing Laughing
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