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Too good to be true


I have just joined this community. Everything is going so smothly. I now have my web site space up and running... The forums are full of helpful people. The topics are inteligent and interesting. Its all seems to good to be true.. Do I have to pinch myself. Is this a dream?
No it's not a dream. However, not all of the people are so helpful, not all of the topics are intelligent or interesting, and sometimes getting through thousands of posts since last visit turns to be a nightmare. Anyway, nothing is perfect, and this forum is one of the best I've visited Very Happy Pleased to welcome you here Wink
Yeah, welcome, I hope you become an avid poster. It's not a dream, and believe me, I thought the same way you did. But it's true, how do you know it's true? I'm still here, and I generally hate big forums. But the hosting is great and there are some really cool people here, so I hope you stay for awhile, and easily make a thousand FRIH$'s like I did by making gigantic posts.
It's so natural and normal...Frihost is the better way Very Happy We must thank for this great community to the stuff(if you want click: forums generally active and have maximum security.You've just started so I think you will get addicted here like me...
I think if a new member register at Frihost he should wait 2 days and watch what happens on there.Many users don't want to wait and they miss Embarassed
FriHost really is a great place when you think about it. To keep your account, you have to post regularly in the forums, but with all the topics and categories available, it's hard not to find something to post. I've been through a lot of website hosts in my day, and FriHost has been, by far, the best and most reliable. So welcome, enjoy your stay, and remember, an active member is a happy member!
Frihost is a great place. As a lazy girl I searched another host where I wouldn't have to post each day, but well I searched and searched and all I found was host with 50mebs, ads and no mysql database. So I went back to Frihost. I loooove you Frifri!
Of course we appreciate all of those nice words! I do hope you will enjoy your time at this community and its forums. But, in order to keep things together I need to ask you to continue here.

Have a nice stay at FriHost! Wink
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