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Donate(tax deductible) to help out an intern

Well As the summer started for me a few weeks ago, I have gotten a job at a Non-profit org, name IVCF.

The catch is that I need to raise my own "funds" to be able to work. If I don't have money in the account I cant work. So here I am asking, If any of you want to donate to something this summer either just because you want to, or you just want tax deductible donation(some do..) then I ask you do help me out, and continue reading down the page on how.

If you do feel that you want to donate some money then you can go to, and along the left menu, click on Donate. This will bring you to a page with a text box input, in this box put my name in, "Nathan Smith" and hit Go. There will only be one person then listed, me. After hitting next there will be the donation form, and if you want, you can be anonymous(understandable).

there will be a screen that looks like you have to make an account, you don't. To the left, there is a link for giving a gift without an account.

You will need to provide some information, such as name and credit card number(duh.. how else can you donate over the web) and then after filling out the forms and submitting them, you will be sent the tax deductible receipt.

If you have any questions about anything just ask.

Nathan Smith
Sounds like a good cause but I'd be wary giving out my CC Details over the internet.

Do they handle paypal? At least we know it's secured that way.
I dont think that they do pay pal, But Iknow that it is very secure.
There are other ways to donate if you still dont want to.

and thanks
No problem, my friend has a business and would be into the tax deductible donation part of it ;]
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