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Rate My Drawing Style

I want you guys to rate my drawing style in which I've included a link, Obviously its only the concepts and hasnt gone thru the clean up process. But I wanted to showcase it before the final product is put up in a few days on my site.

It's a bit of American Drawing mixed with Manga and Alkady Genre Drawing.
Bleh, I don't know what you were going for, but if you were going for a cartoony sense, then you nailed something. Otherwise, your proportions are off, the arms are just, ouch, and the lack of emotion in your character really doesn't bring out what the drawing is trying to express. It is, well, unique in it's ways, but it's not visually pleasing to my eyes.
Obviously I wasnt trying to attain a Human Like Feel effect, Just a cartoony drawing.
It's just the unrealistic positions his body is in and his facial expressions, and the proportions, god, the proportions! It seems like something best fit for Nickolodeon.
You still have a long way to go but you should not be far from the right path...just one thing...ditch the PoPey arms from your chars Razz Not cool at all !!
carlokes wrote:
You still have a long way to go but you should not be far from the right path...just one thing...ditch the PoPey arms from your chars Razz Not cool at all !!

I agree, I don't like the huge forearms. I also agree with rightclickscott's comments. Still it looks decent, just keep practicing by copying other peoples work so that you get a better understainding of proportions and foreshadowing and to develop chracters so that they look more natural.
I like the energy of the drawings - I agree with many of the above comments. Besides the shape of the arms, it looks like they've been pulled out of their sockets.
Maybe rethink and rework your anatomy technique, there is an energetic quality to your lines that if well harnessed could work out reall nicely.

Keep on Truckin'
At least you got the body in a normal shape, heh.

Work on your facial design before anything else, as the body may become it's winning point :p
I'm far from the art guru, but I kind of agree with previous posters. perhaps if you switched the forearms with the biceps it might look a little better. Also, the facial expression in the mouth seems to be pretty good, but it looks like the eyes need a little work to match. To me, they seem to be very similar in the different poses, but I think each pose has a different emotion being expressed. With that said, it's about 10000000 times better than anything I could do. Very Happy
what the.... allright.. I know it's abit hard to keep the proportions, but at least makes it not too far from the real one [well.. it's no use if you draw somthing nonrealistic] but, I think it's better to keep, at least, the hand and foot (compare to the body) to be proportional, it's okay if you draw the head or another to be more bigger or smaller. If don't, I think it'll be scary or funny XD

Or else, if you can't do that, put some accessories or clothes that will hide the unmatched "things".

no offense Smile, just IMO
Pretty much like everyone above me, I have to agree about the arms. The Popeye-ness isn't appealing to me. Does the character have any purpose? Did you draw him for any particular reason? I would like to know before I say anything more about it.
No offense... But I laughed so hard...
The eyes, mouth makes the character funny looking.

The shape of the head doesn't look like other mangas.

Somehow the face is the most important part to me and probably anyone else. So work on the head if you want suggestions.

Your drawing is... ... Confused ... not quite as good as... ... Samurai Jack yet...

Since it's your own drawing style, I won't pound on you like I do to others...
Well, I think you have to study and read a lot of books about drawing, because you have to to the skeleton firs, then make real positions of the character, because if you don't do it, then your character would look some king of irreal or noobie style. I'm working on an anime proyect, you can see it here:

You will se that every position of the character is hard to draw, you have to do squares and stuff to make it better.
The more you practice the better you will get. You are much better than a person off the street. Keep a drawing book of your work, date it and keep looking back to see how you improve.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't draw, just keep practicing and you will be as good as you want to be.

To improve you need to practice for 15 minutes 5 days a week. And not 1 hour and 15 minutes 1 day a week. K?
I've learned that great artists usually hate their own work, so until you can get to the point where you hate your work when everyone else says it's great, then you'll be a great artist. You've still got quite a ways to go.
looks alright but lacks colour
Awesome. I just have to say that either you should shrink the eyes or enlarge the pupils. That's all I have to say critically. Everything else looks fine.
I agree on redrawing some famous manga for practice , but i'd also advice you'd make a sketch of the skeleton and position , then you can draw it more detailed ,if it's hard to understand maybe you should buy some of these "how to draw manga books"
ok... I did not like the forearms neither... but if it was your intention to bring them out stronger then you have to stick with it.. (last drawing is different from the other)... they have some dynamic in it, which is good, but you need to practise... I know how hard it is to draw the human body in different positions... but you'll get better every time... just watch a lot all the people around... and have your sketchbook with you all the time. ... good luck (most important anyway: having fun doing that, no matter what the other think of it)
hmm... not the best drawings I have seen but I guess in a few months or years you could have some nice drawings... Keep on drawing, search for some usefull tips on how to draw marvel comic book heroes or manga characters or something! It would really help you out, ok, this if you want to have some great pieces, otherwise you can stay at this level and lose a lot.
Um... Alkady, I think you should practice more. You can buy some tutorial books for better drawing or just try to addopt the other anime/manga/cartoon style. Keep to drawing and you will have better drawing skill.
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