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Vista update or not update?

I am hesitating whether to upgrade my OS to wingows Vista (64 bit edition), some say it bears more security and stability. But there is a concern whether it will make your computer to run faster or just consume all the resourses and give no acseleration. So the question is UPGRADE OR NOT UPGRADE?

You will start running into software support issues if you don't.

As for faster or slower. It will run slightly slower. Not much but you will notice it is slower.
I'd only upgrade after 1 service pack... Recent Windows operating systems always had big problems, which were solved in service packs.

And about the software support issues, I guess Windows XP will still be supported for years.
Hello ya'll. Yeah, like with any OS (I have Mac OS X Tiger) it is always a great idea to upgrade. Cool eye candy aside, the reason why it is always a good reason to upgrade, is that it is always safer to upgrade your OS due to critical security reasons that might be fixed...etc. And we all know how true that is for a Windows box Laughing . Plus Vista looks like a great upgrade for PC users with tons of great new fun, and productivity boosting features (granted that tons of them have been ripped off from Apple!). The meta search box (it is called Spotlight in OS X) itself is worth its weight in gold (a meta search engine that is built into the OS rather than "bolted" on like Google Desktop is definitely better) because you can't believe how cool smart folders (virtual) are and how you can organize your workflow.
Do not upgrade.
1: Vista WILL use more system resources than XP, therefore you computer WILL be slower.
2: Since when is switching from an established, maintained OS to a brand new one a good security decision? If you're that concerned about security, you shouldn't use windows in the first place.
3: Vista will probably give you more software support issues than XP.
4: Upgrading your windows is easy, but have you ever noticed that, without a complete hard drive wipe, it is impossible to downgrade your windows? In other words, if you decide to change, make a backup first in case you change your mind, otherwise, to get XP back you would have to reformat the drive.
do you have a 64bit cpu?
Don't upgrade~ Vista is still in Beta, and on he says don't use vista as a primary OS because many programs don't work. It's also not secure, because it's beta it still has many security holes.

windows vista beta 2 has been made available to the public, which makes me think it's almost get out there and UPGRADE!

Today Microsoft publicly released the second beta version of Windows Vista, the first major update to its Windows product line since Windows XP. Microsoft's servers are getting hammered right now, but if you're lucky you can download the release from the Windows Vista site. You'll need a Passport account, and the download is a 3-4GB ISO, meaning you'll need a DVD burner to make an install disc. In leiu of that, you can fork over $10 to Microsoft and they'll ship you a disc in a speedy two-to-four weeks. By now I'm sure you've decided for yourself whether Vista is worth checking out or not, so I leave it to you to click or not click.
yeah, so I go through all of the bells and whistles and then I get to the download link and it says:

"This site is experiencing a high volume of traffic...yada yada yada."


Or is it just Microsoft trying to cut the bottom line again by cutting the quality of it's service and products?
well, I wanted to upgrade something anyway, so maybe I'll just go over to the Ubuntu computer and upgrade that

since M$ won't even let me into thier upgrade!
addendum to download frustration above

go to "Use your own download manager" and it will let you get the ISO file, no problemo.

3.5 hours on a 3 meg(2 t1's) connection, yikes!
Yes, I do have a 64bit processor, I am using a Win XP 32 bit (Never had a chance to move to 64), So I am wondering how Vista 64 is going to influent my performance. well, I don't know it may have a greater support for AMD 64 or somthing.
It should. the 64bit os should take advantage of your 64bit cpu. This will help keep vista from slowing down.

I have installed vista beta 1 on my pentium 3 and I didn't see much of a proformace different then running windows xp. Running 98 run much faster then xp or vista, but 98 is a very simple os and it doesn't have much graphic detail.

Basiclly if your running XP fine Vista should also run fine.
If U are interested in Vista, U can try it for free Smile Get it from here: or dload eg. from bittorrent. It`s FREE public beta!
I would suggest dual boot and not an upgrade. If the upgrade is successful, then you CANNOT uninstall Vista to go back to XP (like you could revert to a previous OS in XP if it was an upgrade)

Also there is a lot of software that does not work with Vista yet (including all Symantec products) although Symantec not working is no big deal since it's crap anyway...

There are VERY few drivers available for Vista so far, so a lot of your hardware may not work properly yet

And last but not least...there is NO support for beta software! So if you upgrade and it trashes all your data and nothing works, then basically, too bad.

I've been running it in a dual boot for some time now, works fairly well so far but there are a lot of bugs yet (it's still 6months to a year from final release), so no, I wouldn't even consider replacing XP with Vista at this point.
The best thing to do is just back up your system.

If your upgrade to vista is good then you can get all your personal files and stuff back. If it isn't just install Window XP again and put it all back on your hard drive.

I don't know what you guys mean you can't down-grade your system, but you sure as hell can.

Thx for the link. I only have beta 1 now I'm getting beta 2 Very Happy
You can't 'uninstall' Vista after an upgrade...uninstall, and format clean install Xp arent the same thing
uninstall, and format clean install Xp arent the same thing

Could you make sence of this.

You mean

Unstalling then install xp and formating clean then installing aren't the same thing?
Unstalling then install xp and formating clean then installing aren't the same thing?

uninstalling Windows Vista is not the same thing as formatting the drive and reinstalling XP...

In XP, if you upgrade from say Win 98 to XP...then you decide you like 98 better, you can go to add/remove progs and uninstall XP which will take you back to 98.

in Vista if you upgraded from XP to Vista, then to go back to XP you need to format the drive (although a quick format shouldn't work because it won't re-write the MBR or the BCD and the pc will still try to boot to Vista because the MBR doesn't point to boot.ini anymore) and reinstall XP, because Vista can be deleted, but it cannot be uninstalled.

Uninstalled and deleted are not the same thing. If you still don't understand what I mean...install some norton software like say norton internet security, and then delete the folder from the drive without using add/remove programs and you'll soon see
That is only because windows has a stupid registry that controls and stores all the data. It is retarded.
Heres my suggestion for you,
Go out and get yourself a nice new Mac. You'll get the best OS, great hardware, speed with new Intel Chips, stability, 0 viruses, and free software. Dump your PC in the garbage can and get the original.

Gabe Shahbazian - Novis Design
Xeniczone wrote:
That is only because windows has a stupid registry that controls and stores all the data. It is retarded.

It has nothing to do with the registry
{name here}
Don't waste your time upgrading unless you're a gamer. Vista is a waste of an operating system. Eye candy sucks, and with XP I can already see a dramatic increase in speed when using an app without explorer. Get Linux and use WINE if you need to use windows applications. You won't need to upgrade, and best of all, you don't have to choke your hard drive an processor and buy new components.
I think {name here} we have to agree for once.

Vista takes up so much CPU. Origanally in Beta 1 I had it running on a Pentium 3 wtih 256mbs of ram. It was running Great no proformace issues at all. Then I got Beta 2. OMG. OMFG. It distoryed my best computer. A Pentium 4 @ 2.2ghz.

I couldn't move the mouse without it lagging around.

Pentium 4 2.2ghz
512mbs ram
nVidia FX5200

I do like the areo theme because it is like Mac OS X (Microsoft has been stealing from mac for years) but unlike Mac OS X I can't run it on a 350mhz CPU. With great proformace.

Yep it does suck up a lotta resources. As for the mouse lag, try playing an mp3 or video file...does it skip too? Just wondering because I was having the same problem and it was the Nvidia drivers flooding the cpu with interrupt requests..their latest drivers are a little better.

Hopefully once all the drivers, and the Vita code itself is optimized, it'll run much better.

yes yes we all know that MS stole Windows from Mac originally, but hey..Mac stole it from Xerox so it's all good Smile
For one, Beta 2 runs unbelievably slow; and I say this on a computer with decent specs: P4 1.8 Ghz, 512 ram, nvidia geforce 4.

As it was said before by bones. Vista is still "beta" and has a few debugs running that may cause the system to run overall slower.

There isn't anything to significant that Windows Vista can do that can't be done on XP, OSX, or a posix operating system. Vista doesn't look all too great either...if you want beauty stick with OSX or Linux, and not the brown Gnome Ubuntu Linux you're all so fimiliar with.

Vista to me is really gothic
OSX to me is... Blue and white can't go wrong if it was like "You have a new baby boy"
Linux comes in many different. I have seen mandriva gray and blue and suse green and gray.
{name here}
When Vista comes out, I think people that have stuck to microsoft will float to a mac, and maybe some will move to Linux even.
I feel that microsoft is to the point where they think that they could turd in a box, sell it, and make profit.
I very much doubt that many will go to linux your 'average computer user' is lucky if they can email gramma and run a spyware scan...imagine them trying to recompile their kernel or even install drivers for that matter...they'd have to use *gasp* command line

You might see a few go to mac, but with mac, the software support is really weak. In my area you'll find more linux software in stores than mac software.

Some direct competition might be good for MS seems to be the only thing that motivates them..look at Hotmail, it was left the same for 10 years until gmail came out. Amazingly enough though, I read some statistics last night that shows that yahoo email gets more new members per month than anyone else (and yahoo really really sux), followed by Hotmail, then Gmail then AOL
So Gmail is in third which really surprised me.

Anyway..if mac started to do more busness then maybe MS will start to try harder...the problem is, Mac has an amazing marketing division (hey they managed to take the world's ugliest mp3 player attach it to a 20G or 40G hard drive...and charge $400 for it!!) An Mp3 player is worth about $50, a 40G hard drive is worth what $30? Anyway Mac's problem is that software companies dont wanna touch mac because they are way to proprietary and there are not enough users

If Mac was smart enough, they would let other manufacturers build mac pc's while Apple retains the lisence on the software...I've seen other people say that that's what killed IBM..hrm IBM is still in computers, they went into a partnership with Lenova
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