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Planning on doing a server

I'm currently planning on doing a server. I went over my friends house the other day and he showed me his. It was little, like a cube. I don't want to run mine on the pc i already have. What hardware do i need to have to get one running? Is it just like a PC without the moniter? And also, what's the lowest price i can get one for.
To run a web server, you can ditch the monitor and video card (if you set up a way to remotely control it ex:VNC) On the same note, you can also do away with the mouse and keyboard. Once it's set up the way you like, you won't need any floppy or CDROM drives either. You won't need any sound card at all.

Basicly, then what you need is:
Motherboard, CPU, RAM, case, PSU, hard drive, internet connection hardware (wether a modem or a NIC, depends on your internet).
To get it set up you'll need to borrow from another PC:
CDROM drive, Video card, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard

As for what you could pay for one; you could pay anything you want. If you want to, you can just use an old computer you get for free, or you can pay ten thousand dollars for one. It all depends on what you need it to do. Just view the system requirements of everything you want running on it (including the OS), and get something that fufills those nicely. Personaly, I would build my own or buy a PC advertized as a 'barebones kit'.
i've got a laptop from a LONG time ago, it's a Dell and it's probably about 10 years old. It's got linux on that. would it work?
a laptop would work, if it had an NIC connection, and you could keep it on using AC power, instead of the battery. Servers are more traditionally desktops, (or rack mounted), which eliminates most problems related to heat and allows for greater expandibility.
gotcha. i found a friend that's going to try to hook me up with something so thanks for all the help Very Happy
You could also look around for an old corporate server. I got one off a friend for nothing. It's old but it does the trick, Compaq Proliant 5000. Weighs a ton but the guy said if I can carry it out I can have it. Took 20 minutes but I got it out ...

I have also noticed on ebay that there are some available, you will need to check the postage or delivery though.

I've had websites in the past and was wondering what servers were about. I do actually have an old laptop (3 yrs old) without a sound card that I could use. Could anyone point me to a good description/tutorial. Thank you so much. Also, would it be better to run WinXP or Linux on it? I currently run Ubuntu Linux and XP on dual boot, and also have a mac.


As for what you need, make sure you have enough processing power, ram, and HD space. An old 10 year old laptop prolly has jack squat when it comes to RAM. I have one like 7 years old, has 80Mb RAM. I'm currently building a computer... has 1 gig of ram, and the mobo supports up to 4 gigs. ya.

when it comes to OS, that all depends on what you're comfortable with. Linux is probubly your best bet, but you have to know what you're doing in linux. if you don't, you should go with winXP (assuming you have at least 256 mb ram, but 512 is recomended minimum for a WINXP system)

finally, what program are you going to use? Are you trying to make a game server, or a web server? for a web server, i would recomend Apache (best used on linux). Then for a game server, my recomendation, don't. You're better off renting from a company because even with high-speed internet, you won't have enough bandwith to support jack.

These are just my views. Hope they are helpfull to all ya.
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