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What counts as "any type of IRC"? - TOS question


I have recently joined this site and would like to copy my previous website onto the Frihost servers (as they are very unreliable). I have met the requirements for getting some web space but I am unsure about something. My problem is this: it states in the terms of service that any type of IRC is strictly forbidden on the servers. I am a flash programmer and have made - although it I am updating it and it does not currently work - my own messaging flash application that allows users to create an account and chat to people that they have added to their contact list. Would I be allowed this, or does it count as a type of IRC? I also want to put up a prototype for a game that I am creating that would also allow users to talk to each other, although this is not the main feature of the game.

So what would I be allowed and what would be considered to be against the TOS?

Thanks Smile
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Chatting is ok, but making an irc server on Frihost isn't allowed.
Sorry I got the wrong forum Rolling Eyes

Thanks for the quick response, that's great! I'll request my hosting account now, and copy my files across soon Smile
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