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reservation in your country

doeas your country have any reservation in any kind say studies, jobs etc...
the question i asked was because currently in India there is a big fuzz about reservation....
Politicians here have made 52 % reservation based on caste in all higher eduction . This measns that if a student is from a paticular caste than he can get admitted to these primier institutes at almost 1/2 the percentage than a student from so called upper caste.
the truth behind this tactic is the votebank policy.
Share your views.
will be posting more about it soon
52% my ar**. That is on a national scale

In my state the reservation is 70% and is expected to go up to 85% from next year

Thank god I am passing out this year

Holy ****

I just hope these ********* roast in hell

Sorry for the expletives, but if you were here, you'd probably say the same thing
yeah we've got the same thing, only here its called affirmative action. It basically helps minorites that are less qualified get the seats of more qualified students.
The intent is to make up for socio-economical boundries, but all it really does is screw over white kids who have worked hard.
Numerous countries continue to use quotas, whether formal or informal, to maintain a given balance among various groups, usually in the interest of aiding one of them. For example many universitites in the United States continue to use quotas to ensure that they get more students of African or Spanish descent. In other cases, members of certain groups are simply given a greater chance of receiving a given position due to their race, without setting a desired or mandatory number of people of that group that the establishment will employ.
The one thing I have to say

Merit is ****** and nobody gives a damn about it

Here the political ******* give the reservation for getting more votes and not for communal harmony

They cause Communal Disharmony in the name of equality
Yes it happens around the world and it is the biggest load of BS ever. Why can't we all just look past our skin color, nationality, our social class, and any other form of discrimination, or reverse discrimination. People should be accepted into schools and jobs solely based upon their qualities, training, education, and intelligence.
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