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i like music but not being stared at

don't you?
yeah, why can't people just accept other's opinions or tastes? it's a sad world, tsk tsk
or just not stare
haha, yeah I had a mohawk for about 10 days as a transition between shaving my long hair....It was pretty interesting how many people would literally stop what they're doing, stare and point. Just goes to show how many people are idiots out there.
If you decide to have a particular image, don't be shocked that people will glance at you. It's natural that when someone looks different than average, people will stare at him, not always because of hatred, sometimes because they are inspired/ amused/ amazed/ whatever.

I know what I mean, as I love to experiment with different styles and clothes. I used to wear a 7 inch mohawk, (and as I am a girl this looked quite interesting), a collar with long nails, paint my clothes and bag, and later mix studded punk clothes with gloomy lace Wink However, I have never complained that people stare at me or consider me weird, it was my way and I didn't care much about what they may think.

I must admit that I even liked it when people were afraid of me. Especially that I am 5 feet 3 inches, so I'm rather unharmful to the others. Now I think I've grown up. I managed to have shoulder-length natural color hair (which I hadn't for the last 5 years Smile ), I started dressing more like a woman, and not so aggresive. But I still experiment, and still like to look exceptional among so many girls around me Wink Being courageous is a great fun indeed Very Happy
Subsonic Sound
If you don't want to be stared at, then don't adopt extreme fashions. SImple as that.

There doesn't have to be a connection between sound and clothes, you know. You are, for instance, allowed to listen to punk without a mohawk, or metal without long hair. There's no rule against young people listening to classical.

Listen to what you want to listen to, and wear what you want to wear. There doesn't have to be a connection.
I like to lipsync to my iPod on the bus, and old people stare at me like it's wierd. Can't somebody pretend to sing songs in public without being wierd, or do they actually have to be singing!? Because people would probably stop, or atleast stare less. Also, how come, just because I look emo, people think I like it? I can't stand it most of the time.
Adapting the style and "liking the music" are different things. One can like the music without adapting the style that goes along with the music. The music is completely independent of the style whilst the style is dependent on the music.

One adapts a style to either conform to a stereotype, defy a certain stereotype, for the heck of it, or any combination of the three. However, the mohawks and the huge boots and the shredded clothes are most of the time associated with stereotypes. It is impossible to avoid staring, even if one dresses within the "norms" of style. The norm for a young teenage female would probably be the low rise jeans and the low cut shirt. Dressing in the norm gets guys staring at the skin whilst dressing outside the norm gets people staring for other reasons.
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