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The most epic - historic movie of them all. If you don't like the modern way of war, Troy is for you. Fictional, but in many sense truthful to the human experience. I still love watching this Greek mythological film. And for one thing, you won't see any other mythological Hero battles as daring as Achilles did. Very Happy
lol, i remember my cousin urged me to go to the movies with him and it turned out that he slept till the movie was finished... if you're really into greek mythology and love to read the books then it it would be a little bit boring... but for us regular who never read the book or nay way for greek mythology... then it's perfect! achilles was awesome out there... not really perfect for me though... just a little glitch from orlando bloom Confused
I thought it is quite an old movie now..?
Anyway, I missed the show. Wasn't free then...waiting for a chance to get it at the video shop. Razz
I like this movie, but I don`t think that Troy was a really good movie, if you read the Book you notice a big difference in the storie, for me Troy is a great film if we talk about movies, but if we`re talking about classic greek sotories is really poor.
Anyway I recommend this film Wink
I love the movie! The only reason I went to see it was because of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. But I ended up actually liking the movie. I tried reading the Illiad but I guess I'm a little too young to actually comprehend it.
i like very much this film, because i'm fan of orlando bloom, but.. the music is... i dont like the bso, and the history is very changed, i dont know... Confused
I loved this movie. It's very well done. Eric Bana is great as Hector.
Actually, I loved this movie so much that I even bought the DVD! Laughing
lol, I am not into greek mythology but I just like the way the movie was made. Be it truthful to its' true storyline or not it's fun to watch. Flavia was right, it was really good of Eric Bana to be Hector in this mythological film. Very Happy
i've been told it's good but dont know wether to trust it or not.
Yeah .. it was a lovely movie Razz .. I read its trivia somewhere .. was intersting .. here are few Razz

* The impending war in Iraq forced the production to move from Morocco to Baja California Sur, Mexico in February 2003. The movie was originally scheduled to use Malta as well as Morocco and other African countries for filming.

* Director Wolfgang Petersen left the proposed Batman Vs. Superman project to direct, and cast member Brad Pitt left _Fountain, The (2005)_ .

* Many German viewers were annoyed when they realized that in the German dubbed version the dubbing voice of Brad Pitt was changed from his usual one (Tobias Meister) to the voice of Nicolas Cage ('Martin Kessler' ). This was done on personal request from director Wolfgang Petersen.

* George Camilleri, a keen bodybuilder who won the title of Mr Malta in 1989, broke his leg while filming an action sequence at Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta on 30 May 2003. He was operated on the following day but suffered complications and died on 17 June 2003.

* Brad Pitt, who plays Achilles had a mishap during the production - he tore his left achilles tendon.

* While filming in Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, the production had to deal with two hurricanes in less than a month; the last hurricane came the last week of production, when everything was pretty much wrapped.

* Warner Brothers rejected Gabriel Yared's score for the movie for being too old-fashioned.

* Brad Pitt claimed the filming was torturous for him due to the fact that he had to quit smoking.

* Brad Pitt and Eric Bana both did their own fighting scenes. They also made an agreement that they would pay for every hit they accidentally made. The costs were $50 for a lighter blow and $100 for a hard blow. Pitt ended up paying $750 to Bana, who didn't have to pay Pitt anything.

* Brad Pitt trained for six months to get into shape for the role. He trained to have his body look like that of Greek statues.

* On set, many stagehands would faint from the 100{degree weather.({38 degrees Celsius)

* The character Boagrius does not exist in Greek Mythology nor in any collected editions of Homer's Iliad. Boagrius was a river.
I like Troy because of all the CGI special effects combined with a mythological story. Achilles was a invincible hero according to the myth, and without the special effects he would not look so spectacular as he does know.
Think about all those ships you see at a certain point in the movie... You know it isn't real, but it sure does look real Very Happy

James Smile
Pretty good movie...too long. I was highly anticipating the release of this movie as a summer blockbuster, but in all honesty I think it was a failure. The movie never grabbed me and I was dumbfounded that it didn't. The battle scenes were the best part of the movie. This was 5 times more bloody than The Passion of the Christ I thought. A sword gets stuck in someone's skull for crying out loud. What is it with Orlando Bloom and bows and arrows? He shot them in the Lord of the Rings trilogies, and now in this movie. I thought his character in Troy def. made him out to be a coward. Little wimpy boy had to resort to his bow and arrow, and he contributed the cause of the entire conflict and battle. Anyways, just my 2 cents.
this movie sucks-only if you"re a 16 years old girl you'll like it- brad pit is the most unproffisional player i know,he sucks-the movie is like an advertisment- only to show brad pit get layed and his muscles-ugly movie-the only thing that kept this movie above the water is the really interesting story its based on (and offcorse all the 16 years old girls that saw this movie only because of pit).

good story but Bad movie with really really Bad acting. Exclamation
this movie was great right up until the part where Eric "Chopper" Bana gets slain by the nancy boy and bum dragged in front of his dad and wife.

Alexander will be the better
for18p2p wrote:
Alexander will be the better

I've bought Alexander a month ago but i havn't seen it yet.. Is it really a good movie? Im sure Angelina looks great Very Happy
I find Troy okay. I don't particularly find Brad Pitts acting great in this one eventhough for the most part he pulls off a credible Achilles.

The guy who plays Hector saved this movie. He did very well.

There were a couple things that stood out for me throwing off my suspension of disbelief.

1. When Hector and the Trojan army attack and come across Achilles' cousin who Hector slays. Then the WHOLE battle stops when "enough blood has been spilled" or something to that extent. I found it humorous to see opposite sides suddenly turn and head back the way they came clanking spears together haha, that was funny. Like from a comedy or such.

2. Brad's unnecessary nudity was uncalled for. I mean....the greeks are all about nudity which is fine with me when done tastefully or artistically and it would have added to the reality of the times, but because they intentionally shun away from showing body parts that they obviously don't want to show Embarassed , it reminds the viewers they are just watching a movie and not a glimpse of the past.
So....I would have much prefered none at all.
All I will say is that I saw this movie and loved it!
not true to greek mythology
Fantastic movie. Hector is great too, but Achilles rules! Allow me to be enthusiastic with this cause i am Greek...
Btw u should read the original poem (translated of course) Iliada by Homerus. Its a wonderfull story (dont be afraid - its not exactly a poem...), better than any war book.
As a teacher of Classical Greek and Roman Mythology I was looking forward to "Troy." In the past I have put together a unit on the Trojan War that included not only Homer's epic poem the "Iliad," but also the plays of Euripides and Aeschylus and other ancient works on the stories of these characters. In other words I am familiar with this story to the extent that when Briseis showed up wearing a garment with long sleeves I was upset that we did not get to see the lovely arms that were part of her usual epithet. So, suffice it to say, that when characters who survived the Trojan War started dying in this film, I was not exactly happy. Consequently, the truth is that the less you know about the Trojan War of classical mythology, the more you will enjoy Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy."

I have no problem with the idea that Homer and the other ancients have to be adapted in making a modern motion picture about the Trojan War. The decision to eliminate the gods is appropriate, getting away from the idea that this was a ten year war makes sense, and if the alliance of the Greeks is now political rather than as part of an oath sworn by the princes who were suitors for Helen's hand, I consider that to be legitimate. I do not understand why Iphigenia, Cassandra, and Hecuba are all eliminated but there are not fatal omissions. But when you start rewriting who gets killed that is going a bit too far, especially when one premature death starts a chain effect that means Athens will never develop the jury system, which means we probably lose out on it too. David Benioff's screenplay was "inspired" by Homer's "Iliad," which at least is an honest way to characterize what he did in this script, but I still do not have to like it or endorse it.

The big selling point for this film was not Homer but rather Brad Pitt as Achilles. Stories abound about how Pitt worked six months to get in shape for this film, gave up smoking, and ended up hurting his Achilles tendon in one of those profound ironies that indicates that maybe the gods were not pleased with what was happening in this film. Pitt certainly looks good, not just in terms of taking several opportunities to display the line of his nude body, but in how he carries himself as Achilles. The whole idea is that this guy is the greatest warrior on the face of the planet and Pitt exudes that with the way he strides across the sands of Troy. Even more impressive is the choreography for the fights, because Pitt's movements are so smooth and powerful, especially compared with that of Eric Bana's Hector, that you do not doubt that this guy is in a league by himself as a warrior. I also like the way he uses the distinctive form of his shield when fighting. They thought this part out quite a bit.

The fight choreography was worked out by Simon Crane, the film's stunt coordinator and second unit director, who describes Achilles as fighting with a boxing style but with the velocity of a speed skater and the agility of a panther. They also come up with a nice touch in that Achilles looks slightly to the side at his opponent until he is ready to come in for the kill. The best fight sequences of "Troy" are when Achilles is fighting. The giant battle sequences of computerized soldiers are not as impressive, mainly because the camera is always in motion and the cutting is so fast that we are left with an impression of the battle rather than always being able to tell what is going on (which has become my constant complaint with most movies with large battle sequences).

Bana does a good job of capturing Hector's nobility without turning him into a marble statue, while Peter O'Toole fills the role of Priam naturally. On the Trojan side the problematic character is Paris (Orlando Bloom), again because of the writing more than the performance. Priam has negotiated peace between Troy and the Sparta of King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), but that is destroyed when Paris persuades Helen (Diane Kruger) to run away with him. Both Hector and Priam know that Paris is wrong and their reasons for supporting him and thereby dooming Troy ring hollow (the less than stellar "Helen of Troy" television miniseries did a nice job of providing a solid motivation for the Trojans to protect Helen).

It you want to draw a clear distinction between Homer's story of Achilles and that of Benioff it is that the former is about the rage of Achilles (see the first line of the "Iliad") and the latter adds an equally strong love element. The one character whose role is most inflated in this version is that of Briseis (Rose Byrne), the Trojan slave girl who comes between Achilles and Agamemnon (Brian Cox), the king of kings for the Greeks. This change becomes the reasoning behind how the film rewrites the end game of the Trojan War, although I still do not understand why some of the key characters get to live happily ever after. But since Pitt's performance dominates the film and he is clearly the horse that director Wolfgang Petersen is riding to make the whole thing work, it makes sense that he has to be around until the very end.

The good news is that when I teach mythology after this DVD comes out my students will probably enjoy attacking Benioff's changes in the original stories of Greek mythology in their papers. I think this will definitely help them understand why the writings of Homer and the other ancients are considered classics.
Troy is an excellent movie.i like it.
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