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CPU Upgrade

I have currently been thinking of upgrading my CPU that I have currently.

I have a Pentium 4 2.67Ghz(Socket 478)

I have been thinking of changing to an AMD as I have heard good reviews about them.

As i have been searching I have seen that the speeds are at 2Ghz, which is lower than mine, but on the other hand the FSB is built into the AMD motherboard so the AMD's run faster than a Intel of the same spec.

I was wondering if anyone could help me decide on a CPU to upgrade to, I was hoping for a 3Ghz AMD, but I have seen a
max of 2.8Ghz, which cost in the range of 700.

I will also need to use a HyperThreading processor instead of Dual Core because it will be for making and running games.

Would it run slower with a 2Ghz AMD CPU?
What would you reccomend for me to purchase?

You may find this thread very useful - it's an AMD vs Intel thread, please go there for opinions about what brand you should get.

[moderator hat on]And a note to anyone replying to this thread - please do not turn this into an AMD vs Intel discussion. Otherwise, it may have to be closed[/moderator hat]

In terms of your other comment though:
asiddle423 wrote:

I will also need to use a HyperThreading processor instead of Dual Core because it will be for making and running games.

A Dual-Core processor will be much faster in all cases than a Hyper Threading (HT) enabled processor. HT Technology simulates a second processing core, but it is still one processing unit in the chip. A Dual-Core processor is essentially two processors bolted together, so for each "tick" of the clock speed, much more work can be done.

I would definately recommend a dual-core processor.
I always thought HT Technology was only on Intel Chips? Anyhow, If you really want AMD, And need something like Hyper-Threading or Dual Core, Then youd probably have no choice but to go for the X2 which is expensive and the only AMD Dual Core. Intel on the other hand offer a cheaper alternative, The Pentium D or maybe you can wait for the supposed Core Duo II.
If you want to keep the CPU longer than a year, you should definately spend the extra money to get dual core. It is not used a lot currently, but most likely will be in the future.
You will be confused trying to compare intel directly to AMD through it's GHZ range.

A amd that runs at 2.0ghz will compare to a pentium 4 at 3.0Ghz. Then a 2.2 will compare to a 3.2-3.4. That isn't exact but it is pritty close.

Would it run slower with a 2Ghz AMD CPU?
What would you reccomend for me to purchase?

A 2 ghz AMD Athlon 64 will smoke your Northwood 2.6 Pentium 4.

If you got one of those AMD 64's that run 2.8ghz it would beat your pentium 4 almost 2 to 1.

I would recommend you go with a AMD 64 2-2.2ghz with 1mb of cache.
thanks i shall look into that thats what i was after, just put me off slightly when i saw that AMD was 2Ghz and Pentium was 3Ghz, but now you cleared that up it give me more confidence into buying an AMD

Which socket would you recommend thats not too pricey, don't have the motherboard yet so don't need to worry bout that issue.
For one thing AMD will save you a little every year on Electricity cost

(that is duel core)

Keep clicking next to see all the proformance tests.

From the looks of it AMD profroms better at 3d apps. Such as games, 3d max. Stuff like that.

But Intel proforms better then AMD's at multitasking, but of course in all the tests you see the FX-57 at the top of the chart.

If your just using basic apps like internet then go with what is cheaper. (AMD)
If you are doing games or 3d apps then go with amd.
If your doing media or multitasking go with intel.

As you can see from some of the 3d test even with only 2 ghz it sloters the intel. but in some other apps it doesn't proform well.
Right what is your opinions on these pieces of hardware

AMD socket 939 Dual Core 2.0ghz CPU, fan, heatsink


Power Supply
Sansun True 450W 20/24pin PSU - Shiny Silver Mirror Finish With 2x 80mm Blue Neon

Graphics Card
The Crucial Radeon X1600 XT 256MB PCI Express
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