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Piano Music sheet

well since many people like music around here??
does any one know a place to get music sheet for piano??
some sentimental music sheet will do??

or share your opinin on how to play right if you a left hanh user??
'left hand user' Razz lol...

Getting some lessons might help for a start. If you can't play with two hands, getting enjoyment out of the piano might be a bit harder. But if you plan on learning by yourself, you need to get simple exercises in coordinating your hands.

And another matter if your left or right handed, on the piano the right is generally the dominant one. Some say being left handed is great for the piano, since right handed parts, especially in easier pieces, are often easier to play.
well。。。 thanks for your comment...
i accually planing to learn by my self....
here is what i use to "practice"....

Berens - 20 Children Studies, op 79.PDF
Berens - 50 Piano Pieces for Beginners, op 70.PDF
Berens - The School of Scales, Chords & Embellishments, Op 88.PDF
Berens - Training of the Left Hand, op 89.PDF
Bertini - 24 Etudes Op.29.PDF
Bertini - 25 Etudes Faciles Op.100.PDF
Brahms - 51 Exercises.PDF
Burgmuller - 12 Brilliant and Melodious Studies Op.105.PDF
Burgmuller - 18 Characteristic Studies, op 109.PDF
Burgmuller - 25 Easy and Progressive Studies, op 100.PDF
Concone - 25 Melodic Studies, Op 24.PDF
Cramer - 84 exercices.pdf
Czerny - 100 Progressive Studies, op 139.PDF
Czerny - 110 Easy and Progressive Exercises, op 453.pdf
Czerny - 125 Exercises in Passage Playing, op 216.PDF
Czerny - 160 Eight-Measure Exercises, op 821.pdf
Czerny - 24 Piano Studies for the Left Hand Op.718.PDF
Czerny - 30 New Studies in Technics Op.849.PDF
Czerny - 40 Daily Exercises, op 337.PDF
Czerny - Octave Studies, Op553.PDF
Czerny - Practical Finger Exercises Op.802.PDF
Czerny - Preliminary School of Finger Dexterity, op 636.PDF
Czerny - The Art of Finger Dexterity, op 740.pdf
Czerny - The Little Pianist, op 823.PDF
Czerny - The School of Velocity, Op 299.pdf
Duvernoy - Ecole Primaire, 25 Elementary Studies, op 176.PDF
Duvernoy - The School of Mechanism, Op 120.PDF
Gurlitt - Albumleaves for the Young, op 101.PDF
Gurlitt - Easiest Studies in Velocity, op 83.PDF
Gurlitt - School of Velocity, op 141.PDF
Hanon - The Virtuoso Pianist.pdf
Heller - 25 Melodious Studies, op 45.PDF
Heller - 25 Studies, op 47.PDF
Heller - 30 Progressive Studies Op.46.PDF
Heller - 50 Selected Studies.pdf
Herz - Gammes et Exercices.PDF
Kohler - 12 Easy Studies, 157.PDF
Kohler - Short School of Velocity, op 242.PDF
Kullak - The School of Octave Playing, sec 2 seven studies.PDF
Le Couppey - The Alphabet, Op 17.PDF
Macfarren - Scale and Arpeggio Manual.pdf
Moszkowski - 15 Etudes de Virtuosite, op 72.PDF
Philipp - Complete School of Technic for the Piano.pdf
Pischna - Technical Studies 60 Progressive Exercises.pdf
Pischna - The Little Pischna, 48 Practice Pieces.PDF
Plaidy - Technical Studies.pdf
Schmitt - Preparatory Exercises, op 16.PDF
Schulz - Scales and Chords.PDF
Stamaty - Rhythmic Training for the Fingers.pdf
Streabbog - 12 Easy and Melodious Studies, Op 64.PDF
Streabbog - 12 Very Easy and Melodious Studies, op 63.PDF
Wieck - Piano Studies.PDF
i think it doesn't matter whether u're a left handed or right handed, because piano consists of both hands, and for us right handed people, we need to work hard on our left hands, and u probably just do the opposite haha
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