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Preventing bad PHP script calls

I've been programming in php for about a year now, recently I just finished a project for my school (a comment manager) that was almost exclusively done in php. Because of that, security with php has always been one of my interests. Recently I realized that sometimes php scripts can easily be called from other sites. Maybe an example would make it clearer.

Say you have a script on your site called sendMoney.php. Also, say you use this script in a html file called example.html. Now a person can simply make a fake web page and call your php script from there just by putting the entire resource location (ex instead of just sendMoney.php), instead of doing whatever they have to do in example.html. This of course is a horrible breach of security.

But the good thing is that it's a very simple problem to fix, however apparently not many people are conscious of it and therefore do not take the 4 lines of code to prevent it.

So without future ado, here's the fix


// get referrer from _SERVER array

if ($ref != "" || $ref != "")
    //bad referrer detected, exit script
    print "Access Denied";

//continue with script

basically what this snippet of code does it that it gets the site that called the script and compares it to a list of allowed sites. If the site that called it is not in the list, the script ends immediately, otherwise it'll go on doing what it should do. Interestingly enough, I've just realized this problem today, so I'll have to go back and update most of my old php scripts. :-/

Have fun using this and remember, no site can be made completely secure, you can only make it as secure as possible.
I believe that "referer" [sic] is spelled incorrectly.

Hence, your script won't work. Wink

it's spelled right.
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