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Polls sagging, what do you do, pick a fight!

With all of the current issues of major importance; Iraq, Iran, Immigration, illegal eavesdropping, Taditha, high gas prices, etc.... it would seem like we have plenty to work on but not so. The president needs to inspire his republican hard core conservatives, so that they will vote in November. How do he and his conservative buddies do that? They pick a fight that they know they will lose so that they can try to make it an election issue. They will try to pass a Constitutional Amendment to control marriage laws for the country, of course, male/female marriage only. I am not a proponent of gay marriage but I practice don't ask and don't tell, like the military. I don't ask anyone and I don't need them to tell me. Bush is going to start making noise to rally his ultra conservative fundamentalist Christian core. The states have always legislated civil unions and now the federal government wants to decide what the states can do. I think as long as we are going to attempt to pass inane amendments, we should also pass amendments requiring family dinners without TV, weekly church services for all, no school dances ( it causes babies) and no rock music ( it causes cancer, loss of hearing and delinquency).
It couldn't possibly be because he thinks a marrige amendment would be good for the country could it? Did you honestly even consider that, or do you just assume he's evil?
Anyway, what/who/where is Taditha?
All those 'inane' amendments you proposed would do wonders to repair most families and societies.
I'm still wanting to know about Taditha... does nobody know what it is?
I'm starting a new thread on it.
Billy Hill
Illegal Immigration, Terrorism and Marriage are all important issues.

Bush dropped the ball on Illegal Immigration. Hopefully he will get the hint that the majority of (legal) Americans will not tollerate his stance on the issue.

On both other fronts, he has done very well. Especially considering the decieptful opposition.

What's funny here, (well, figuratively speaking) is that Illegal Immigration is the single area in which I believe Bush will change his position. He won't change it on fighting Terrorism. That's good. Same with Marriage. Good or Bad.
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