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i love soundtracks!
for example "Hes a pirate" by klaus badelt..
(pirates of the caribbean)
or some songs by hans zimmer
I really love the soundtrack of "Narnia", the music is greate... but the DVD I bought is a simple pack, soundtrack CD is not include... what a shame
i love the soundtrack of the film gladiator
yeah soundtracks are normally good music. the best thing about them for a video editor is that they double the impact of your film/video. i know its because theyre made for films anyway but the amazing thing about some soundtracks is that they are applicable to oh SO many scenes/clips. they are incredibly useful.... probably because they don't try to tell a story in 3 mins like regular songs.
You know what? Soundtracks (the more ambitious ones) are the only kind of modern music that are included in the music school curricullum. Accordig to it, the history of amusement music ends up on jazz and some musicals, it says no single word about rock, reggae or disco. Film soundtracks are the lucky exception to be noticed Wink

One that had moved me quite strongly was the soundtrack of "Requiem for a dream". It is quite simple and more or less based on one musical theme, but so emotional...
i like some soundtracks. for example i think the lord of the rings soundtrack is great, and as you mentioned: the pirates of the caribbean soundtracks is ok as well. i also like soundtracks for some games - for instance the legend of zelda ocarina of time. great soundtracks.
The best soundtracks for games are Halo, and the Tony Hawk games. The Halo music is a work of art, truely.
Favorite movie soundtracks are The Royal Tenenbaums and Trainspotting.

Yeah, I absolutely agree!!

I looooooove soundtracks:

I have and often listen to the soundtracks of:

    Forrest Gump
    City of Angels

Do you have a good source of .torrent to download more of it?
I think that the School of Rock soundtrack is pretty good
Soundtrack from "Soldier of Fortune".
American Pie has a good soundtrack. But I've never actually watched the movies. I'm not sure that I want to, with the talk I've heard...

There was another movie with a really good soundtrack but I don't remember anymore. 10 Things I Hate About You has lots of letters to cleo and save ferris Very Happy
happycycling wrote:
Favorite movie soundtracks are The Royal Tenenbaums and Trainspotting.

Royal Tenenbaums is great. My favorite quasi-classical soundtrack is Crimson Tide, and I love just about any John Williams or James Horner soundtrack. Schindler's List is absolutely wonderful, as is Jaws (not the famous part duh-DUH, but the rest). Alan Silvestri's music to the original Predetor is also fantastic.
There are some amazing soundtracks out there, very underrated, like the one for
"The Children of Dune", or "The Cooler" [which has amazing jazz music].

"Kingdom of Heaven" OST is also pretty good.

If you like piano sounds you shouldn't miss "Piano" soundtrack, or "The Truman Show".

It's also amasing how music can be uncredibly moving. To feel that you should listen
"Requiem for a dream" OST, and "The Fountain" It's amasing what Clint Mansell can do
with music.
Toto made the music for "DUNE" and it is beautiful.
Pink Floyd "The Wall" of course.
Indeed, soundtracks set the mood onscreen!

A few of my faves:

-Lost In Translation (cathartic)
-Lolita (Ennio Morricone) (a must listen)
-Anything by Jon Brion!
My two favorite soundtracks are The Crow soundtrack (Just a great mix of contemporary music at the time) and the About a Boy soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy... I haven't even seen the movie, but the soundtrack is amazingly well composed/written.
I agree, and here are some of my favorites soundtracks :

Paris, Texas (Ry Cooder)
Silence of the Lambs
Christophe Colomb
Dracula (Bram Stocker's)
Eyes Wide shut (various artists)
Birdy (Peter Gabriel)
Le Grand Bleu (Eric Serra)

Video games soundtracks are also great, but they are kind of haunting because you spend hours playing and beginning to get addicted to it, so they should not (I think) be on the same level as movie soundtracks.

There are also musicals : Fame, Footloose, Phantom of the Opera, etc
I like soundtrack of spykids 3d and Alexa vega's song Very Happy
i love the soundtrack of THE GODFATHER
I guess mr quentin tarantino really slamdunk the art of a soundtrack!
Pulp fiction - If any of you f-ckin pricks move, I'm gonna execute every .... and on with mr dick dale and the guitar twanger misirlou...

And on to kill bill! Also very good...

Last death proof - great stuff...
As I grew up in the 80s, The Wedding Singer soundtrack was a good one.

I also liked the Matrix soundtrack.

The best has to be Tommy though. I'm a massive "The Who" fan
The Mitchell
trainspotting, requiem for a dream, fear and loathing, human traffic, mogwais sound track to the zidane film
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