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The megaFX guide to gathering new music

Hey, Alex here! Now, I know you all love your origonal tunes with all the big names like Muse and The Arctic Monkeys but there isn't anything cooler than catching hold of the new tracks by the new upcoming bands before your mates and then being able to say "I knew them beofre they were famous" so heres my guide to doing it.

Right the first thing to do is take a closer look at your music magazines. flip to the back, past the personals and classifides. Back to where the bands you've never heard of before. Right this is the underground of the music world, this is where new bands are made and destroyed. In this ection you will find the worse and the best, if you are lucky enough to check out the best bands (often the ones without big flashy banners) then you can bet your bottom dollar that they're gonna be in the top 40 sometime soon.

The beauty of this is that you'll probably get to see them live, cheaply because they arnt that big yet.

Right after you've checked out the paperback media try out the TV. The E4 Album Chart Show is one of the best palces to find new tracks from bands you might already know because they are playing from thier new and upcoming albums. This is where I found legends like Boy Kill Boy And Belle and Sebastian. Also check out music channels like B4 Music in the early hours of the morning, this is likely to be the time when they'll put on the demo tapes they are sent, also check out kerrang at this time too because they have a whole program devoted to new music. BBC Radio 1 also had a new musc program weeknights that starts at about 11pm and finishes at about 4am.

The next place to check is the net. There are three main ways to get new music here and its probably the most media-rich place to go.
Firstly, check out sites devoted to bringing you new music. Myspace Music has a massive library of new and current bands to have a peek at, this is where i found gems like White Rose Movement and the new improved Taking Back Sunday. There are may sites like this including PureVolume and also the New Music Section Of The NME website where they only pick the best tracks.
Secondly, check out teh podcasts side of teh web. Places like Indie Feed are devoted to bringing you new tracks but you also have to listen to thier tiresome disscussions on tehm afterwards. Music4Ipods also has a very good podcast without commentary! This is where I found The Attourneys. If you wish to subscribe to these podcasts you'll need a cast reader such as iTunes or Juice.
The final way is to check the audio blogs. These are purely based on the publishers tase in music though most are varied for the audience. I guess I'm floating is a great resource as well as Stereogum but if you can't be arsed to go trawling through peoples blogs then try out The Hype Machine. It pretty much aggregates all the musicblogs and podcasts and pulls out tracks you might be interested in, this is a great resource.

Anyway, happy listening!
I definitely agree with you on looking for local, unknown bands and seeing them live. Seeing a band live is without a doubt the best way to gauge how talented/untalented they are. And even if the band sucked live, a concert is always a great buzz for a Friday night and usually tickets to smaller shows won't cost so much.

But on Myspace Music and PureVolume...They definitely started out as sites for lesser known bands to put up their music, but now the well known bands you see all over FUSE are taking over those sites. But the internet is still a great place to find new music, just you will have to browse through a lot of crap.
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