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The first LP/KCT/CD you ever bought...

Well, I still remember the first LP I bought it was the vinyl of Dressed To Kill by KISS; Hell Yeah!! I was only 8 when it happened, I first saw them on TV and lots of magazines here in Mexico, all people were against their music here, just because they thought (some of them still believe it) that their music is strongly related to Satan's stuff.

Well, then my first tape was at the age of 11: well, they were actually two tapes:

Standing On A Beach (The Cure)
101 (Depeche Mode)

Both of them were absolutely great, I never thought they were going to send me to where I currently am: in a band.

And finally, my very first CD was at the age of 13: The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd). Wow! you might know this album is considered one of the most bizarre albums ever. Anyways, I love music, what can I say? lol

Cheers! Cool
Metal rox mf.

I do not buy.
My brain doesn't understand the word BUY.
"Rockin' All Over The World" Status Quo (1977)

wow, i was a child, 12 years old when i bought it Laughing

i listened them the first time when i was 9 y.o.... and they changed my life Cool

Thanks Rossi, Parfitt and company
Issues by Korn
My first album !!!!

I was 12 years old... I saw the video of "make me bad"
on a Playstation demo CD, and I wanted to have this album
Zibé wrote:
Issues by Korn
I wish I had been more like you Wink

My first (well, really my family's first, as we bought it with our first cd-player, but it later 'belonged' to me..) cd was Happy Nation by Ace of Base... Embarassed

What was I thinking? Very Happy
Make Yourself by incubus

Mediocre... but a good band.
Crazy Wisdom by Chris Warren

I think I picked it up off a bargain bin for $6 or something, because I liked the title. 10 years later and I still like it, so I guess it really was quite a bargain.

It is the first musical recording I can remember purchasing, but the first I can remember owning was an 8-track of Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Christmas songs. (Funny enough on it's own, but it's even better when you know I'm Jewish.)
eh.. old days.. I had tons of Cassettes so I can't really remember what was the first original i bought.. I remember that my first LP was Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part I while my first CD was The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection
The best of Gigi with many nice high quality music from the gigi band Indonesia
Wow, what an old thread to have been dug up!

Um, let's see, first cassette
.: (I think this is the first I bought myself) Skid Row - S/T in 1989.

First CD
.: The Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled his Feet in 1993

First LP (well, 45)
.: Mastadon Ridge (can't remember the album name) in 1996; they were a local band with a 45 pressed.
Typical Australian.

CD - AC/DC High Voltage.

LP/Vinal - The XX - Coexist.

iTunes - Serj Tankian
As far as purchasing myself, I "think" these were the ones:

Cassette: "Live And Let Die" - single by Guns n Roses

Vinyl LP: Kiss - self titled first album

CD: I think it was Nirvana's Nevermind, but might have been the Black Album by Metallica.
That's a really good question.

I think I could guess the artist, but not the album title itself.

What's of course scary is that a generation is arising that may think of this in digital form one day.
I can't remember exactly but it was either Children of Bodom or something equally awful.
IN TOO DEEP single by SUM41
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