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Memory Useage & Firefox

Now a day, many people use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer because its safer and faster. However, here is a problem I found. It use up a lot of computer memory!

Here's a list of software I use and their memory usage compare to Firefox

*All the numbers are according to when I check.

FIREFOX: 60,000 K [I am looking at a dictionary page)

3D Studio MAX 5 [modeling a big space ship + a wormwhole]: 70,000 K
Internet Explorer [looking at a page with lots of graphic of movies...] 20,000 K
PhotoImpact [editing a 533x800 size photo] 30,000 K


From that, I think that the amount of memory FireFox use doesn't make senses. How can browsing the internet almost take up as much memory as doing 3D modeling? I think its the script that FireFox use to make it faster cause that much memory, what do you think?
Yes, and at times it just keeps growing... getting stuck more and more...
Then it's like ctrl+alt+del and kill firefox.exe... (today at 150 000 !)

James007 Smile
Not importand for me i use my desktop and notebook 1 Gb. Ram Very Happy But Mozilla must be solition this problem.
yes it is true... one of the main problems and disadvantages is that it takes up lots of memory, and sometimes have memory leaks. Its extensions like Adblock are also one of the main causes of it.
Yeah sometimes have also noticed what appears to be a memory leak and sometimes I had to kill the program but other times after waiting AGES it has worked itself out.

Anyway I hope its fixed, whatever it is. I will however still use Firefox because it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN IE.
The difficulty is in discerning whether the memory leaks are actually within the Firefox code or in Windows calls it may use (since, after all, Windows is well known for memory leaks).
In my own opinion, maybe it is all that firefox extension that is making it consume more resource than internet explorer...
dxhunter wrote:
Not importand for me i use my desktop and notebook 1 Gb. Ram Very Happy But Mozilla must be solition this problem.

well, I have 1 GB Ram for my PC too. Not enough for me because I open up 3D Studio MAX and PhotoImpact, that already take up about 3/4 of it. Then, when I open up Firefox to get a texture or something, the computer will lag
i wish they do something about firefoz to decrease its memory usage. yeah it does take too much of memory.

its faster and better here and so i still end up using this browser. whats wrong? there seems to be no better than firefox.

tried opera, IE7, netscape, yet firefoz remains the best choise.
check this blogs:

change the configuration of firefox and the "memorylicking" problem is gone. Very Happy
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