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60 Year Old Woman wins $2 million in matchmaker suit

Is this women after Money or True Love?
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LOS ANGELES - A widow won $2.1 million from a high-priced matchmaker whom she claimed failed to deliver on promises of introductions to cultured, wealthy men.

Anne Majerik, a 60-year-old social worker from Erie, Pa., claimed in a lawsuit that she paid Beverly Hills matchmaker Orly Hadida $125,000 to be introduced to men who wanted monogamous relationships, earned more than $1 million and had estates of up to $20 million.

Instead, she said, she only got a few introductions to inappropriate men. For example, her suit claimed, the matchmaker's "international banker" turned out to be "an interpreter that worked in a bank."

Orly, an Israeli beauty pageant winner who goes by her first name, countersued. She alleged Majerik is a "serial matchmaker suer" who enjoyed herself with the men she met before claiming she had been "psychologically damaged by the process" and demanding compensation.

Orly claimed Majerik became her client after she helped the widow prevail in a lawsuit against another matchmaker, San Diego-based Valenti International. She said Majerik, whose husband died in 1999, gave her "enthusiastic feedback about nearly every man to whom Orly had introduced her."

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury ruled in Majerik's favor on Tuesday, although jurors weren't entirely sympathetic to her.

"We wanted to punish the defendant, but in the amount we wanted to punish the defendant, we didn't want to reward the plaintiff," said foreman Christie Troutt. "They were both wrong."

Orly's attorney said she plans to appeal.


My Opinion:
It looks like the 60 Yr Old Women really wanted the money, If we look at the facts. Shes a 60 Year Old Women, Thats a social worker or was and wants to meet a rich man that earns millions and owns an estate worth millions. Seriously? Think about it, Your Rich. You've got millions and need to rustle up the old love factory so it can produce some Love. Even if your the ugliest person on earth. Alot of Womens in their early 20's would go for you as long as there is a strong guarantee they will be rich by the time they become a widow.

So what do you all think? Is she after money or really after love?
She does seem like a gold digger but it looks as if Orly was a matchmaker for the money aswell.
The Philosopher Princess
I think there is not enough information, here, to make a valid judgment.
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