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Userbar Generator 0.9 BETA

Does anyone here like Userbars? If so, then this is something you'll like: A Userbar Generator! This is a program I wrote that allows you to generate Userbars quickly and easily. Please tell me what you think!


You can see more screenshots here

You may download the Userbar Generator at my website: DanSoft Australia

Sample Userbars:
These userbars were made using the Userbar Generator:

i have already tried it and I like it, it's a pity i don't like sigs much.
A good piece of work.
It's been a while since i've seen some good aussie software.
Really Good job on the program daniel,

Unfortunately I am not able to download the file from your site

firefox wrote:
Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at

* Check the address for typing errors such as instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Is there any problem with the server,

Or has the Toolbar generator become to popular and is crowding the server? Wink
Please try <link removed> instead, and tell me if it works Wink
Ah yes it does work thank you

But unfortunately I dont have the .net framework and I wont be installing it since it has no use to me

So I cant use it

Anyway thanks for the link
Awesome work, Dan!!!


Uhm... PR?
positive reinforcement Razz

BTW, maybe this thread should be in the Software forum?
(just asking, don't kill me)
Yeah,I've just downloaded it and thanks for program link and size Very Happy ...I will create my signatures for everwhere with it..And I also think you have a great site..
Edit 1:Installed Framenetwork 2.0 It was diffuculty...
BTW, maybe this thread should be in the Software forum?

Heh, I forgot about that forum Razz. Topic moved.

And I also think you have a great site

Thanks Smile
I seem to see this topic in the general forum as well
scorpio wrote:
I seem to see this topic in the general forum as well

No you don't...

Nice program Dan!

James Smile
Yea i downloaded it. Great work dan. Oh and *shots helios* What? He pratcily asked for it. Wink

But really great work dan. I wish i could make programs like yours. It was really good.
This is one of the best bits of software I've downloaded in a while! Very Happy

Dan, you're a genius! Thanks! Very Happy

|| ||
\/ \/
wow, love this program, making them in PS can get soo tiresome lol
I don't have the time to try it out quite yet, but I'm downloading it for future use. Of course I could just use photoshop, but I welcome batch processing Very Happy From the screenshot reminds me of the simplicity of lucazappa's antipixel generator. Thanks again. Smile
thanks for this program.very useful program.this pictures will be do with photoshop but so hard.
I already recommended it to a few people. They asked me: hey how do you make those little pictures? Razz
It looks like a nice program I was trying to get something that makes userbars I found a website if I find it again then I could post it here is just like this but its over the internet and dont have to download anything.
I don't like userbars, its kind of like branding yourself. I use this and I uıse that look at me am I not cool? I don't like to be judged by the program I use because any program can do what u want if you are using the right one for the task and people that critise me because I use windows or whatever and think they're leet since they use ubuntu or whats its name is just being childish. We all use stuff suited to our needs, and I don't think its peoples bussiness to know which browser I use to surf the web. Theres something called personal privacy.
super software
It's a great software although it's a bit simple. Smile
That's pretty neat. Too bad I don't like to use images in my sig either. Still pretty cool way to make something nice looking in a short amout of time.
daniel15, you've created some fantastic looking programs!
I love simple, useful software that doesn't require installation and is small enough to fit on a floppy disk.

Idea Y'know guys, you don't necessarily hafta utilize userbars strictly for signatures.

The images that the Userbar Generator produces would make really spiffy-looking link buttons or nice image headers for different sections of your website, your journal, etc...

Use your imagination. Wink
I remember this, fantastic piece of software Razz
I went to the link and it says the page has been deleted. Wanted to try it out since I am admining some forums here pretty soon. Sad
Craeft wrote:
I went to the link and it says the page has been deleted. Wanted to try it out since I am admining some forums here pretty soon. Sad

Should still work... Go to, click "Userbar Generator", then go to the download link. Smile
Here is an exact link. Smile Pretty interesting software, I've used it before and it's pretty amazing!
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