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The Da Vinci Code

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Well, what are you opinions about this game?
Have you read the book/watched the movie?
well ive read the book and watched the movie. both were pretty good in their own sense. but i dont think how one can justify making it into a game. the storyline is very rigid (you obviously have to solve a puzzle to get to the next level), and i think there are just too many secret puzzles to unlock

i havent played the game yet, and will probably never will. unless a friend gifts me a free copy Wink
I didn't read the book but i watched the movie. I think i will try on it if the graphic is good and it is not so difficult to solve those puzzles or something...... Very Happy
You gotta use your brains Smile
Some puzzles are hard, but most aren't(imo).

What I ment to say in that review is that if you enjoyed the movie and/or the book, you will most likely enjoy the game.

The graphics are quite well done.
People who own a 6800 or a 9800 will be able to play with AA x4 (i assume).
im just hoping the game doesnt make the book look bad, just like the movie...... It has ruined the book lol
i got the game... its not bad but very hard. the caracters look like in the movie but the puzzles and the story are more like the book.
I think that not all sucsessful books should be turned into movies and games. I suppose the plot could be transfered to game aswell. Too many examples have shown though, that these sort of projects rarely work out well.

I also hope that the game doesent ruin the reputation of a good book.
To be honest, i think this game won't be that interresting if you have read the book, since you know the story and the plot. But for the real Dan Brown fans, it's a must-have of course...
Well, everyone has a different opinion(s). Including myself.

I'm not a fan, but I think that if I haven't read the book, it'd be harder for me to finish the game and maybe even make the play-time boring.
What I am worrying about is that the boring game might spolit the interest of da vinci code fans. Maybe they should had considered more when trying to create the game: Da Vinci Code just don't have too much of a content to play with. ;p
i agree that it isnt suitable for it to be made into a game ... if it would be made into a game, it may not sell that much considering
the rigidity and the nature of the story ... but anyway i may be wrong
Well, Dan Brown probably saw this as an opportunity to make extra $$$.

I respect that, because if I was in his shoes, that's what I'd do Smile
OMG!! I want to play this game. I only watched the movie but I might get a book lately. The game looks spooky...
I hope the Wii version is really good.
I only saw the film too ... is the game good ?? what is it about ?? i could play such game Smile)
Well, it's not perfect.
If you like puzzle-based adventure games with some little fighting in the background, you can try this one.
I recommend getting it from a friend or something. Don't waste your money if you're not a fan.
I already saw the movie, it could be better Confused I fall asleep in the middle Crying or Very sad I think that is was just a waste of such good authors for such movie. They could make it much better i think, it wasnt bad, but I expected more from it.
heard that graphics is good.. but the story and ai is average..
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