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Me and my girlfriend has been on and off now for about 8 months...Shes pregnant and getting an abortion on June 12th...We fight all the time and I dont like seeing her because she always wants it to be us two..I cant hang out with my friends if I'm with her because she gets mad...Also today at work somone kept calling me and I was gettin upset because we were really busy so when my phone rang for like the 5th time I answered and said "I'm not off ****** work yet leave me alone" And she hung up....I didnt know it was her because I cant see my screen, It's broke. So I called back and she started yelling and hung up so I called and left a message saying I thought she was somone else...She pisses me off most of the time and I'm rarely happy she's pretty much waisting my time I think but I love her....I'm not sure what to do anyone got any good suggestions?
Citizen Kane
There's only one option: TALK TO HER!!

If you don't speak what's on your mind then you won't get anywhere. Try to explain to her what bothers you so much, but try to say it to her in a way she won't be easy offended. Try to keep things to yourself, like explaining what kind of feelings you feel when she only wants you to to be together.

It's never good to let people claim yourself. It keeps you from being yourself and from doing the things you LIKE to do. A partner who claims you this much is indeed a burden on your life.

In addition you can try to tell her what you liked in her when she didn't claim you. That way she sees there's also a positive side she has and she can replace her negative behavior by the positive example she has already shown earlier. I think this is extra inportant, because when you start accusing people of things but don't give them an alternative, people tend to just leave things alone or still tend to get stuck in their old behavior.
Wow, Your in some pickle. You love her but yet shes annoys you. Talking to her isnt going to be easy. Judging by her character, Don't even consider counseling unless she suggests it. You guys dont get along very good. You need some sort of activity that bonds you guys, But first start off by getting her flowers and try to talk to her.


<Insert Name Here> I want to apologize for screaming at you, I'll deeply sorry and wish to make it up to you by inviting you to <An Event: Movie, Restaurant, Shopping ect.> I hope you will accept my invitation, You are my world, I love you and I am even willing to give you the moon to prove my love to you.

And don't suck up, It makes it too obvious.
It seems she has some "problem" with her, may be mental or physical or emotional. you gotta know it first, and to to know it, you gonna talk to her the way she feels most comfortable and tells u her innner things.

so if i was you, i would have find a good time and talk to her.
Every one seems to be giving the same advice. Talk to her. Smile

Well, I'd like to go a bit further. Yes the first positive step would be to apologise for yelling. But I am sure you have done something about that already.

The second step would be to find some quiet time and have a long hard one to one with her. A real heart to heart conversation to try to figure out what is going wrong and what you each can do to make things work.

Explain to her that you love her yet you cannot just give up your friends. It is too few times these days that couples really try to salvage a broken relationship. Try to be of the good few who tries really hard to save your love.

Thirdly you have to realise that some relationships are just not reparable. Some couples just don't work. It's a cold hard truth none of us wants to hear. So if things do not improve over a reasonable time, maybe it is best you stop wasting each other's time and energy and move on.
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