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Coming from in Germany ^^

I have just registered in the 4rum but i think it's funny here so i decide to post some pics of me ....hope i can make friends with you all Rolling Eyes
I'm living in Germany but born in Vietnam ^^ So i can speak both German and Vietnamese ( my English is not so good -_-' )
Hmm guess how old i am ^^

And nowww my lil neighbor Mr. Green Mr. Green
My guess is you are between 18-35 lol.

Very nice picture and what is that kid looking at to make him so happy?

Sorry if you can't understand my English.

Here it is in German also but I am not that good at German. Crying or Very sad

Meine Vermutung ist, Sie sind zwischen 18-35.

Sehr nettes Bild und was schaut dieses Kind an, um ihn so froh zu machen?

Traurig, wenn Sie meine Engländer nicht verstehen können.

Hier ist es auch auf Deutsch, aber ich bin nicht dieses Gute bei Deutsch.
Guessing .... your age.... 10kg... Very Happy

Nice picture. Whose that girl? It is always an edge to know more than one language but not being the native anywhere is not easy. Whether you are a Vietnamese living in Bangladesh or Germany life would not have been easier than living in Vietnam itself but living may be easier in more advance countries.

Welcome to Frihost and enjoy your stay here. Those who live not in their native country are those who learn many things and grow very mature in many things too.
Whats ur age?
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