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Love after 40

Well I find that after 40 love can be a little different, and yet not so different. All the feelings are the same, it is just that I think you look for different things in a relationship.
Things that where very high on your list now are somewhere in the middle of not at the bottom. I think Looks, while important, are not as critical. You look for more of the inner person, someone that is smart, well rounded, and easy going, lets face it, Low maintance.
But I am here to tell you, that at the end of relationship that does not work out, the pain is the same, you feel like a 17 yr old lost at the prom.

What do you think?
The pain is still the same, in fact in can be worse because after 40 you take more time to make new relationships and of course you become more cynical about developing meaningful relationships.

However, relationships are more meanignful after 40 and personality is more important and making the other person feel wanted and looking after her needs.

At a younger agae I just wanted what I could get out of sex, now I know better.
I watched an Indian movie about an old couple who have been married for many years, but after all this time they were still so madly in love with each other!! It was so beautiful!! But some of my friends tell me that passion and romance die out after a few years of marriage... Is this true? Tell me your experiences or the experiences of other couples you know. Thanks Smile
Citizen Kane
I'm 27 and the romance and passion already started dying, I've got to rediscover it I think...
It only dies if you let it, after a while in a relationship, love changes, you have to remember love in as in a relationship is something that you work at, it should be the job you enjoy, everyday life comes along and you sometimes forget to do the things that started the whole thing.
I am not talking about going over board every single day, I am talking about remembering the little things, a flower a touch, and kind word, remember that dating can be fun. and I am talking about dating the same person.
The day to day grind of living can take alot out of you , job, bills, money, friends, you can forget that the person that you are with has needs and that just because you won the prize, you still have to play the game so the love keeps going. and for those that may or may not tell you , love should just happen and if it dies it was not real love, well they have no clue. You have to work at it, so it lives on, you have to feed it, so it grows and stays strong.

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