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Family Relationship- A Psychotic Dad

My parents fight a lot- and I mean, A LOT.

They seem to argue for every single little thing; they just don't match. My mom's more of a realistic person who has to basically take care of everything, and my dad is someone who is a bit psychotic if you ask me.

Although my mom is a Catholic and my dad converted to Catholicism after getting married, he was involved in this weird form of Christianity (not Protestant that's for sure). He sleeps claiming to be praying, and he makes up his own prayers and once made the whole family memorize it and yelled when we got a single word wrong. He is convinced that my mom has been taken over by a 'devil', and it's driving the whole family nuts.

He's also convinced that his kids are not afraid of him and that the only reason we obey our mom is because she scares us, not because we love her. In fact, my dad's the scary one.

What makes all this worse is that my mom is sick. Yet because my dad doesn't want to work my mom has to do all the work. When eating he says he HAS to point out that he's eating to live, not because what my mom made was good. He HAS to wear the best clothes when sleeping and worn out ones when going out JUST to annoy my mom. Everything he does annoys her, but frankly I don't blame her.

And recently, my dad wants to open a meditation prayer school. He's trying to use our parent's education center as the place, and he's making me make a very weird looking flier (a candle with a hand on top and cosmos flower on the back), and whenever I say I'm too busy he says it will earn the family milions of dollars someday, and that I'm a very bad evil girl. He says he already told my mom but I don't think he did, considering that he's mad whenever I mention it and says 'do i have to get a permission from your mother?'.

What should I do? I'm just so sick and tired of their fights, but I'm afraid of my dad making our whole family AND the education center look psycho. Sometimes I wish they never got married- even if that means I wouldn't have been born.
Well, I would suggest to not anger your dad, because if that's what he does to the person he married then who knows how crazy he can get with you. Hopefully you only have a few years until you move out,if so then just endure it, but if not then I have no idea what to tell you except stay at friends houses during the day, or get into school activities or a job to relieve stress
(hopefully he won't dictate that your work money goes to the house, and not you)

good luck on that Shocked

BTW. you could write a book later in life about this kind of stuff, it might turn into a soap or something Wink

May I suggest that you keep your cool, and kepp your mouth shut even if you have to bite your tongue until it bleeds. Then when you're old enough, get the hell out of there.

Remember, as you both get older, he'll heed you more than you need him. Then it's time for reversal of fortunes.
While the advice recieved is all well and good, holding your tongue and keeping your head down will only get you so far.

It sounds as though your dad is a sick, emotionally abusive man and it will do no good to keep your mum in that kind of situation. Emotional abuse might not seem as serious as physical abuse, but I believe that it can be worse (girls: remember those High School inter-girl antics? I shudder at the memory of the emotional abuse received by some girls).

Do you think you could convince your mother to take a small holiday? Maybe the two of you could stay with her parents, siblings, or a close friend some time this Summer? She might seriously need the break.
Taking a break and getting as far away from your father as possible is not going to make the problem go away. The problem will still be waiting for you when you come back home.

Your father needs medical attention. By that I don't necessarily mean medicines. I think a psychiatric evaluation is in order. Some one needs to take him to it.

Marriage councelling is a very modern and accepted trend today. And it can save your parents' marriage and give your family a happy future.
get your mum outta that sorta situation... sooner the better, because in 20 years time when all the kids are gone she will be left with him... and in 40 years time if they still together for whatever reason and then decide to divorce... you will be the one that will have to pick up the pieces and run your own family

i know

peace! Cool
Truthfully, this seems like a very scary situation. You never know how far a person will go for the love of "God" or because "God" told him/her to. I'd suggest to stay clear of your dad's path, and keep a sensible head because there will come a chance to escape and you need to have a good head on your shoulders when that comes so you can take your family with you! Your dad seems... psychotic like you said but maybe you can have a sit-down with him and talk though i doubt it will make much of a huge difference.

And like what some other people said, you might need to consider putting your dad into psychiatric help because this isn't what a normal person would do, even someone of religious extent.

Good luck with this.
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