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Purchasing new one? red one? short? tall?

I know just enough about computers to be dangerous. The last one i bought was an hp that i got at wal-mart. I have upgraded it as much as is possible. it is several years old now and since i have gotten into is sorely lacking. i would like to build one or have one made with the best parts for what i want, which is gaming. would i be better off going to a local computer store or finding a website? i mean it really can get confusing....everyone says theirs is better, faster...blah blah blah... any suggestions? any good web sites?
well flat out, if you either know what your doing or have someone help you building your own will mostlikely get teh computer that you want to have.

But you need to remember a few things, such as budget, and if you are really able to "build" one.

My thoughts about the matter, are,
A. buying a computer from walmart isnt goign to get you much.
B. there are some other stores that you can get a decent computer but sometimes they will charge you more for something(but I guess that can happen anytime..) or you could go to an online store that lets you pick what you want and they build it, and ship it.
C. no matter what your choice is, its allways a good idea to get other peoples thougths upon the matter, they might know of a better place then you, or chatch something you over looked.
D. ask questions(and you allready have, good for you)

If your looking for a place to buy parts or a store(online) to pick parts and have them build it for you then Im sure plenty of people here(myself included) can help you out on that. And we can help you pick parts if you take that path.

anyways, post what you think, because not much can be done with just a basic, "I need a computer"
Dell is actually pretty decent when you get up to higher end boxes, but it's always better to build your own. The best deals are usually at or ... though there are hundreds of other places.

What's your budget? I can give you some suggestions on the hardware you can get...
Yea ditto on what they said. Check out this form:
This is a gamer set up. As far as putting one together, it is really easy, just talk to people and start from there, yes it take a little longer, but it is worth the time, plus in the end you will get a system that is right for you, more power for a lot less money. To start you off what are you looking for in a new system?
It depends on what you plan to use your computer...

Also do you need a Monitor, Basic LCD, mid or nice? And/or any external add ons, like printer, scanner, etc...

Use: (list everything you plan to do..)
Workstation(Word and Email)?
Video Editing?
Audio Editing/Mixing?
CD/DVD burning?

$300 (Dell cheapo box)
$600 (Okay Workstation)
$800 (Beginners Gaming, Nice Work Computer)
$1200 (Mid-Level gaming, Very nice working computer)
$1600 (High-end Gamer)
$2000+ (Suprime Game Machine/ Heavy App Computer)

And so on. Then we can help you out.
my peice of advice is this, being someone who was until recently in your same position here is what i recommend.

DO NOT BUY RETAIL! unless you find a rediculous good deal on something in a retail store, do not buy from a store. In most cases you end up paying nearly double for the same thing you could have ordered online (IE: my case that i bought for my new rig was 55 dollars online, and they wanted 98 dollars for it at the store down the road.)

Next thing would be: buy from, theyre the most reliable computer parts store when it comes to placing an order and recieving on time.

Secondly here are some recommendations for parts you should look into that will make a good gaming machine.

AMD, not Intel. In most instances people all over say the same thing, but im saying it from experience, i have owned both and AMD has out performed my intel every time with near equal hardware. So go with either the AMD Opteron series for a very cool running and good overclocking chip. Or you can go with the Athlon 64 bit chip and go with atleast the 3500+, personally though, you'll get a better chip for the money with the Opteron series. Also, dont listen to people saying "wait till AMD2 (also know as AM2) comes out, its gunna roxor" because its not, iv done research along with a friend and its just 939 with DDR2 support, its not gunna be worth the money.

For RAM go with either the Corsair XMS series or the OCZ platinum series.

PSU, dont get any less than 450 watts

GFX card in my opinion the best one out there right now for the money is gunna be the 7600GT, its the one i got for my system and is very good for the price. DONT GO ATI, right now theyre behind Nvidia and if you want better performance in a majority of games go with Nvidia.

if your going with a pci sound card get the Audigy 2 since it still has great performance to price, otherwise get the x-fi or the audigy 4 but theyre expensive

make sure whatever case you get has nice ventilation, the more airflow the cooler the case = longer lasting parts. 120mm fans are quiter but bigger than 80mm fans that are louder but smaller, in conclusion you can fit more 80s in a case, but it will be louder, but may have more airflow depending on how many you have.

For a motherboard, take a look at DFI, i got theyre DFI lanparty ut nf4 board for my new rig and its great, couldnt be happier, but be prepared to pay, its one of the most expensive gaming boards out there, if you wanna spend more though, DFI makes more expensive ones, this was the cheapest one they make at $124.

My 2 cents....
ForceRun wrote:
$300 (Dell cheapo box)
$600 (Okay Workstation)
$800 (Beginners Gaming, Nice Work Computer)
$1200 (Mid-Level gaming, Very nice working computer)
$1600 (High-end Gamer)
$2000+ (Suprime Game Machine/ Heavy App Computer)

i would actually beg to differ on that. Though you can spend upwards of 1600 dollars on a high end gamer machine. The machine i just built costed me 900 dollars and its by no means a beginner gaming machine. Its in my sig and is definatly not something i would classify as a beginner machine.
Yes, I agree. I copied that post from an earlier one I made, and at that time the 7600GT wasn't out. Still there are only a very few good CPUs good for gaming under $200
Add nice MoBo for $100-175
Ram $120 - 160
Video $150 for the 7600Gt, But I would get the 7900 GT at $270(It has twice the pixtal pipe lines)
HD $100 to $200
Opitcal Drive 16 x DVD burner for $40
Case and PSU at least $100 together
Sound Card (Needed for a real gamer) SB Audigy 2 $75 to 125
Plus Tax and shipping +$100 - $150

For the lower prices it come out to about $1000 and thats with out Monitor ($200 to $350), OS ($80 to $180), Mouse, keyboard, joystick, advanced cooling, and so on. A lot of people some times forget everything that goes in to a computer even myself so for the most part those prices for ground up systems stand. Right now is the best time to get a system, with there being a few CPUs the are dirt cheap and have sweet preformance like the 4.0 GHz Pentium D Duel Core 805 for only $130, and the AMDs operon. Also nvidia's got some really nice card out, like the older 6600GT for $80, the 7600GT for $150, and the $270 for a 7900 GT. Plus they all can do SLi if you so feel. So with a little know how and using old parts from your old system you can get that price down a bit. Thats the great thing about building your own system.

So Sonicj, what parts do you already have like Hard Disk, optical, monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, joystick, and some time even case and PSU still will work with a new system?

And again I ask what is your budget? And what will be your main uses?
o yea, i forgot about hard drives and stuff...

the system i just built didnt need hard drives, optical drives, or, forgot about those i guess you are right, a good system could run you around 1200 dollars...
But still, systems like mine cost under $1000 and are completely unique and excellent gaming computers. I have basically the same specs as TheGeek, only with an opty 146 and a KO edition of the same graphics card (factory overclock FTW!). But, including the LCD, I am actually at almost exactly $1200...
LOL! Nice title. I want a black brushed steel PC with red fire LEDs inside. Nice thread.
Umm build one yourself save a few $$$ in doing so and reap the benifits of balancing all the parts unlike some 'off the shelf' ones do.. Hell they stick a good processor in and a decent GPU but when it comes to RAM they do lack and you loose like perhaps a 20% of what the system should be..

if your going for a off the shelf.. get something decent perhaps AlienWare.. umm Voodoo.. all those good well put together brands... me myself would never ever buy a Dell.. just asking for trouble in my opinion.

ya 1200$ is a good parts..

TIP: Get good Barebone parts 1st worry about screens and all that stuff after you have fixed yourself up with a good CPU, GPU, MB and RAM also good cooling and good air-flow cases are a must now with the new parts..

GL with what ever you do!
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