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Layout Ok?

Hi all, I just put a new layout on my site, and I was wondering if it was ok, just to let you know, I have no left side to my brain, so my creativity skills are next to none

Layout as you say is OK

but try and improve on these if you could

1.Videos are not very attractive on page one however they are included.

2."Sim and Sim Recommends" may cause problems but check with google anyway

3. Replace Oxado ad with google ad cause it is no good, and google will pay better

4. To the links on the top(navigation) onmouseover color merges with the background and is difficult to see the link then. So change it if you dont mind that

That is about it.

Cheers Very Happy
Ryan Marcus
You might want to get ride of the curve in the login window... it makes things look a bit.. angled. Wink
I never recommend oxado ads mainly because it pays only by fluke

Honestly Bondings only got less than a Euro in one week on frihost

You dont stand a chance anyway

Oxado says they cater to european markets, Biondings is in belgium and that does not seem to have any effect either

But anyway you need to be lucky like frenchy to get some money
and google will pay better than this in the long run
Hmm... I'm Irish, and so far with about 8 months with google only made $10.13 with them, but yet with less than a week with Oxado I'm on 3.81, not sure what happened, but if ye think so, I'll switch back. Any thoughts on how I could make the video any more attractive
If you do seem comfortable with Oxado, then stay on, no problem.

But almost every site with Oxado ads I visit, has nothing but the signup thing on it,

i ve not seen even one ad till date which is of a company or something

About the video, just give a link to another page and then put the video there, put a banner or something attractive on the first page instead of the video

Can you tell me what sort of people visit your site

Like Kids, teens or all age groups, country etc

This can help with the ads
layout ok. A bit the big contrast of header logo and the content in color and in accent much for me, but not that bad. If you want you can high up in color the main content or low down the header.
bnbrown wrote:
layout ok. A bit the big contrast of header logo and the content in color and in accent much for me, but not that bad. If you want you can high up in color the main content or low down the header.

Ya I know, but I just like that header so dam much, and if I put the rest down it looks really boring
Yeah, I mean the logo is cool so you may have to bunch up the main page with that color a bit.
the logo is kinda blured oO
Its the same on my screen, but on an ordinary(*cough*Out of date*cough*) screen that is not LCD its looks fine, I don't think there is a way to get around this, unless I lower the header, at least thats what I understand of it...
Yeah, I agree... The hover color for the links in the navigation bar should be changed to either a much lighter color or a much darker color. Also I question the gray border around the content area. That would be better off if it was just plain white (anything but gray... it almost disappears into the page background.) Other than that, not bad. The banner is great.
People found white to be to bright for the site, so I went with a blueish grayish colour you see now, I am also working on a new header for the site, its much the same but with the menu brighter and the colour change, also the header is brighter too
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