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The Last Temptation of Christ(1988)

while the world is in throes for a new wave of controversy over "Da Vinci Code" read Kazanthakis again!

As I'm not a Christian I've never understood the concept of "trinity" in Christianity.I just find it implausible to call a person "the son of God".Maybe it's just because I find the Muslim point of view logical but for the very reason I respect Jesus and I believe in his resurrection.But here's something(the book and let's the movie a little) to give me more clues to get an insight into something inscrutable for me.The thing is that the movie starts with a disclaimer accepting that it departs from the commonly-accepted biblical portrayal of Jesus' life, and that it is not intended to be an exact re-creation of the events detailed in the Gospels.In this fiction Jesus is portrayed as a human(that's all we are right?) who is torn apart between the struggle of finding answers to some metaphysical-existential concerns and some humanly qualities like to enjoy life, to love and to be loved, to have a family.That's more or less the movie is trying to portray.I suppose it's so unjust to judge the movie without reading the book ever you know.Without reading the book and without knowing anything about Kazanthakis it's pure ignorance to call the movie as "pornography".Even if I can respect someone who regards it as "blasphemy" I don't see any reasonable point in the diatribes calling the movie pornography.Kazanthakis tells us that Jesus became a perfect model of man by fighting human weaknesses and tendencies.Nobody even the prophets have not been perfect.I would prefer a prophet who fought and won against weaknesses than a prophet who had no humanly qualities.If someone were really perfect without ever fighting then why should anyone try to follow him while he-she is just a human with weaknesses to fight against?And for the movie well I must say I'm not thrilled! I'm just disappointed by the movie compared to the gripping nature of the book.I don't have any name to suggest but I believe Willem Dafoe is an awful choice to play Jesus.His physiognomy is not just appropriate!I'm totally appalled by his grin with a wine bottle in his hand in that wedding scene.(Don't think I don't like his general acting skill's.)But Harvey Keitel as Judas just fits there with his dyed hair color.Plus while reading the book I had imagined Mary Magdalene as a supposedly more beautiful woman.It's just my opinion but Barbara Hershey isn't that beautiful to turn a celibate man on.At least it's just my supposition! In conclusion the movie is not so good as the book.It's a must to read a couple of books(Jesus Re-crucified for example) by Kazanthakis to be able get hold of his world.Plus nothing can justify violence against art.(An example from archived news :"On October 22, 1988, a French catholic fundamentalist group launched Molotov cocktails inside the Parisian saint Michel movie theater to protest against the film projection. This terrorist attack injured thirteen people; four of them were severely burned." I'm not a Christian and I'm not a cleric any way to give a sermon but let's think about it.The strong Christianity of Europe and (and now of USA)has not precluded this world from getting into a vicious circle.This religion which was supposed to be born from Jesus's love did not prevent two world wars.It has not prevented USA's intervention in IRAQ and killing thousands of innocent men just because of some interests.It's not obstacle for gory sex,violence and murders today.Well that means there's something wrong somewhere.That means a lot people still don't understand the love that the prophets taught.So my last world before calling anything pornography or atheism let's see it in every way then decide.
I'll give you an example of trinity.

God has three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit.

Now think about water, it is water, but still it is ice and steam too.

1.Water is ice in Northpole or in your freezer.

2.Water is steam in you tea cettle or while your boiling it!

3. Water is water in the sea or in your watercup.

In the same way God is in three persons and the three form the One God!

God the Father plans, God the Son makes the plan possible and God the Spirit puts it into practice!

Jesus came to this world. God the Fater planed it, God the Son(Jesus) made it possible by coming to this world and by the death on the cross defeated the satan, and God the Spirit was sent to reavel the news of the victory of Jesus!

I hope this was of help!

Wink Laughing
Carl Jung's Aion (Collective Unconscious pt 2) is a lot about Jesus and mentions quite a bit about the holy trinity, I'd suggest reading it if you're interested in Jungian thought, which may be a little out there for you, I myself am currently reading The Last Temptation, enjoying it thoroughly.
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