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Well, i need a program, so that i can limit the bandwidth, that each application uses.Because, i run a ventrilo server for my clan, but when i download something, it gets all the bandwidth, and i can' play any online games, and the server stops working, and so on.So, i need a program, so that i can set limits, to every program on my computer.Anyone knows any?

P.S.:It is for windows.I would prefer it to be freeware, but, i don't really mind if it is paying software as well.
the best software for those purpose is Netlimiter.You can choose between
three versions

NetLimiter 2 Monitor
NetLimiter 2 Lite
NetLimiter 2 Pro

Pro is the best

feature list wrote:
You can use NetLimiter 2 to set download or upload transfer rate limits for applications, connections or groups of them. With limits you can easily manage your internet connection�s bandwidth (bandwidth shaper) and share it among all applications running on your computer.
Grant is a brand-new feature in NetLimiter 2. It could seem similar to limits, but it works differently. When you set grant for application or connection, then it means that you grant specified bandwidth for it. If other application/connections take too much bandwidth, then it is taken from them and is given to application/connection with granted bandwidth.
Network monitor
NetLimiter 2 shows list of all applications communicating over network it's connections and transfer rates.
Personal firewall functionality
You can allow or deny certain applications to connect to or from any network or zone (see below).
NetLimiter 2 monitors and controls traffic separately on three predefined zones - My Computer, Local Network and Internet. For example, you can limit the traffic rate of your browser downloading from the Internet and let it download from intranet at full speed. Later we will add tool for defining you cutom zones.
With filters you can define groups of connections or applications and then apply rules to them. You can for example set DL/UL limit only for a specific IP address range or for a group of two or more applications.
Rule editor and scheduler
Rule editor helps you to create advanced rules. For example, you can create limit or firewall rule for a group of applications which is valid only in a given time interval (=you can schedule limits, grants and fw rules).
Network manager
Using Network manager you can assign networks present on you computer to NetLimiter zones. It's also possible to add your own networks.
Similarly to NetLimiter 1.x stats, NetLimiter 2 stats module is intended for long-term measurement of internet traffic. This feature lets you to track your internet traffic history since you've installed NetLimiter 2. NetLimiter 2 is able to automatically export statistical data to disk.
Traffic chart
This feature is known from previous version of NetLimiter. Traffic chart shows application's or connection's real time activity.
Remote administration
You can control and monitor other computers remotely from one place.
Similarly to NetLimiter 1.x version, NetLimiter 2 provides you with and additional information like WHOIS, traceroute etc.
This feature will be included soon. NetLimiter 2 will log all important network events into the log file.
Permissions editor
With this tool, you can decide, which user is allowed to monitor or control network traffic.

Download link
However, wouldn't it slow down your server? Maybe you could use another computer for your gaming needs...
However, wouldn't it slow down your server? Maybe you could use another computer for your gaming needs...

Yes,but i am going to use 3 different computers:
1.An old laptop, used mainly as a firewall, and equipted with virus scanners, anti-spam,firewalls, etc.
2.An other desktop computer use for downloading, ventrilo server, bot server(for warcraft 3) etc.
3.And an other computer, for gmaing, etc...
So the third computer gets no extra load!

Thank you for your help, i will get net limiter.Anyone else has an other program to suggest(freeware maybe?)
Several alternatives to NetLimiter:
BwMeter - free, small, stable. (my personal choice)
Bandwith controller - very good, but you have to pay after 30-day trial period.
UserGate - looks good, 30 day trial.
WinGate - all-in-one (shaping, proxy, NAT, e-mail), 30 day trial.
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