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File (contents) indexing on Linux

I've tried Kat and Beagle, and had lots of issues with each. Kat's interface was icky at best, and the results display was missing crucial information (like what folder a matched file was in).

Beagle was better done but seemed ill-suited to professional use. It is a nifty way to check my IM logs, but with so few entries per page it's fairly useless to me for most purposes. And the hash isn't well done or something, because it takes a while to get my results, much longer than I feel it should. I also had a problem with some kinds of imports, I think. Although integration with a FireFox extension is an amazing idea...

So I've started working on my own GUI (needs to be, though I like CLI) frontend that'll grab results from search++, which is an excellent tool that properly indexes DOC files and returns results instantly. And if I'm really feeling overzealous, I'll update the indexer to work with INOTIFY like beagle does, too.

Any other ideas, though?
Are you sure you want to create your own GUI? I haven't tried Kerry Beagle (or simply, Kerry) yet but I suggest that you give it a try. It has a nicer and more promising interface than Kat. It's basically a front-end for Beagle (daemon, that is).

Here's the link:

I hope that helps...
Kerry is not something I'd seen before, and I'd definitely prefer it to standard Beagle. (Yay, kioslaves!) Unfortunately, it still suffers from a poor display setup -- it's quite inconvenient that it doesn't display more results per page.

Additionally, the beagle backend takes longer than I'd like to respond, though I really like its use of INOTIFY on newer kernels (that lets it continously monitor and keep up to date with files as you change them).

Maybe I'll work with the Kerry interface as a start and just modify its queries to be from search++. It's really not that much work (either way), though.

Thanks for this great pointer!
Sure man. No problem.

As far as I know, Kerry is still quite young. I am looking forward to its speedy development though... I just hope that a better Kerry will be ready for KDE 4. I hate Kat's interface. I just don't like it.
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