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Has anyone here tried these ideas? how have they worked out for you?

Like most good ideas, I feel like this could be done stupidly or smartly. I like and respect the main idea, that children can recognize and indicate their elimination needs and we should tune into that more, but some of the proponants of this theory (of Elimination Communication) seem to have no idea what they're talking about.

A friend of mine talked about a movie she'd seen in class on the topic where they claimed that babies "would be able to remember" these strategies while at home, but would have problems outside the house... starting at three days old, when a baby cannot make any long-term memories.

In any case, let us know what you think!
I have a friend who does this with her kids. Honestly, I think it stresses everyone out. More work for the kids and the parents. And it puts a lot of pressure on them.
That said, my son has been doing some sign language since he was very small (4-6mo). We've always talked about changing diapers and going "pee and poop". Also, simply because he needed to be watched constantly, he would come with us when his dad or I went to the washroom.
When he was around 1 year old, he started asking (sings and words) to go potty. He's been pooping on the potty occasionally ever since.
He's a long way from trained yet, and I won't put him on the potty unless he asks; he's almost 2 now. But his preference is to use the potty for pooping.
Entirely his choice, no pressure from us at all.
SO I believe that kids are aware of more than we think, and that if we pay attention, and give them the opportunity to communicate, they will often surprise us!
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