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Neverwinter Nights Module Scripter and Modelers

Well, hello again friends, I have been gone for a while addicted by the RPG games again. I blew the dust off my Neverwinter Nights Discs and decided to play once again. I made a Little gnomish illusionist guy and made may way to level 40 legitametly. (A level 40 pure Wizard is definately a force to be rekoned with). Now I am currently making a new module, for fun really. But now I am clamoring for code, searching googles for things like "How Do I Make oPC sit in oChair?" However it is quite fun.

In short I was mainly wondering if any other frihosters do the same thing. I would be happy to distribute the module that I am working on if anyone still plays.

So pretty much:
You probably know about these, but they are good places to find mods that other people have done:

I'm too busy to actually try to make my own module - though I would love to do so!!
I have visited the vault and the bio-ware site alot of good stuff there and I have downloaded the Random Dungeon Generator module made by a member of the forum community that Bio Ware has got a hold of to make a premium module out of it. Alot of good stuff I imagine it is extremely lucritive to make a module that the game developers have claimed their own. I imagine he's getting pretty good coin for just being a community member and making a good module. The others I will check out.
the tools for nwn are unbelievable good but i found it hard to do exakt what i whanted whit it so i mostly did samll quests and misc dungeons cinda like the tool for oblivion.

i am use'd to do the brushes from scratch witch is a bitt unforgiving in nwn and oblivion... still i whas working on a semi big quest for oblivion but thats cina on the shelf atm...

looking forward to nwn2 *drooooolllll's*

i still find the wey of CS, CSS, Q and Q3 mapping to be few of the best mapping tools around but not much for extra meterial tho godda fiddel whit 3dmax/maya for that a bit to much work for me tho Sad and dont mention simpel moding in those appz
Ya I hear ya it's pretty tough to get them to do special things but like you said, make a dungeon throw a load of creatures in there and kick in the door is pretty quick, simple and painless. Making new items is pretty smooth also. I'm trying to dabble a little into cutscenes and siple animations and effects. Pretty difficult though because your timing has to be perfect or nothing goes down because the computer does it too fast.

example : I want to make a situation like so:

There is a chair . If you click to sit on it first it checks if someone else is sitting in it (silly but necessary), It checks if the person wanting to sit in is a PC (player character) versus a NPC (again, silly but necessary). The a local variable is set to see if you have spawned the monster already. If you have you simply sit in the chair. If not heres what I want :

1) You sit
2) Store you current camera position
3) pause while camera points 270.0f degrees
4) create the creature
5) throw a visual effect in to make it look cool
6) restore your camera position

Everything is cool except the first time you sit in the chair to spawn the creature, you don't sit on it, the camera doesn't swing the creature spawns with the cool effect. I think the computer is just doing everything too damn quick to even see it. I guess I need to learn the delay commands better.

void main()
object oPC = GetLastUsedBy();
object oChair = OBJECT_SELF;
location lLoc = GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("NW_xeon_spawn"));
effect eSpawn = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_FNF_SUMMON_EPIC_UNDEAD);

if(!GetIsPC(oPC)) return;
if(GetIsObjectValid(GetSittingCreature(oChair))) return;


if(GetLocalInt(oPC, "CHAIR_USED") == 1) return;

DelayCommand(5.0, StoreCameraFacing());
DelayCommand(2.0, SetCameraFacing(270.0f));

DelayCommand(3.0,ApplyEffectAtLocation(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eSpawn, lLoc));



Any ideas would be cool.
this whas long ago but arnt you suppose to specefy the sit command on the chair i culd be wrong tho havent done any ting for nwn for a long long time
Well I realized the problem after studying the scripts for the origional game scripts. The main problem I had was I wasn't including a special file for cutscenes specifically named : #include x2_inc_cutscene that as a whole load of special commands for cutscenes: Here's the final result.

#include "x2_inc_cutscene"


void main()
//  Set certain variables
object oPC = GetLastUsedBy();
object oChair = OBJECT_SELF;
object oCamera1 = GetWaypointByTag("NW_Cut_Camera01");
object oCamera2 = GetWaypointByTag("NW_Cut_Camera02");
location lLoc = GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("NW_xeon_spawn"));
effect eSpawn = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_FNF_SUMMON_EPIC_UNDEAD);

//  Logic checks
if(!GetIsPC(oPC)) return;
if(GetIsObjectValid(GetSittingCreature(oChair))) return;

//  Do only once abort if not
if(GetLocalInt(oPC, "CHAIR_USED") == 1)

//  Activate Cutscene
SetLocalInt(oPC, "nCutsceneNumber", 1);
//  Sit In Chair
CutActionSit(0.0, oPC, oChair);

//  Stores current location
CutSetLocation(0.0, oPC);

//  Turn on cutscene ** roll behind chair
CutSetCutsceneMode(3.0, oPC, TRUE, FALSE, TRUE, TRUE);
//  Move Camera facing south
CutSetCamera(0.0, oPC, CAMERA_MODE_TOP_DOWN, 245.0, 6.0, 100.0, CAMERA_TRANSITION_TYPE_FAST);

//  Fade in And out
CutFadeOutAndIn(5.0, oPC, 2.5);

// Turn on cutscene ** move to front

CutSetCutsceneMode(0.0, oPC, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE);
CutSetCamera(0.0, oPC, CAMERA_MODE_TOP_DOWN, 270.0, 1.0, 100.0, CAMERA_TRANSITION_TYPE_FAST);
CutJumpToObject(0.0, oPC, oCamera1);
CutActionMoveToObject(0.5, oPC, oCamera2, TRUE);

//  Create Summon

// Fade in and out
CutFadeOutAndIn(5.0, oPC, 2.5);

// Turn him mad
object oCube=GetObjectByTag("XeononyX");
//CutAdjustReputation(0.0, oCube, oPC, -50);
//CutAdjustReputation(0.0, oPC, oCube, -50);

// Done
CutDisableCutscene(CUTSCENE_NUMBER, 1.0, 1.0);

This does what I needed but I commented out the section where I make him mad because he would rock ya, So I'm going to make him an NPC first make you do a quest for him then he turns his back on you later.

And you are right ... This belongs in the chairs OnUsed event. Which means you would have to make it Usable, and a Plot item (so you don;t accidentally blow it up)
aha ok i cinda missunderstud your post i really shuld read more careful. i got it as the the char animation stopd ones he walkd up to the chair but never sat down... any whay if you post it as a finished project post a link

i cinda got an urge to play the game again but ones i put the cd in the drive and got half way in the installation the cd... exploded!!

but im fixing it tho whit 88 Kb/s Razz
Will do bro. I feel ya on the CD thing, I have to make images of all my CD's and hide my origionals my son makes a habit of destroying all CD's in his wake.

When you get her installed let me know and I'll zip up the module and let you check it out. You can play easily with a level one character. I try to make it a point to only work on the module every other day or else I will have no life.
I'm not sure how you feel about Hak Paks but my little adventure uses 2 of them, one is retelavely small just adding some desired models and the vaults CEP (community expansion pack), which is pretty much an allstar user submitted set, has a lot of good stuff, kinda bulky but with it you can download community made modules that are top notch when you have it already you dont need anymore haks, or at best just maybe one special one.
thats no problem whit me m8. and oh the game is "fixd" and installd be sure to give me a loc to dl you stuff later
Aight I suppose the most important hak is the CEP, its rather large but top notch to install you can get it here:

like I said before this is very good for dllding vault modules.

next up is a skin hak. It is open source so here we go:

Pretty much bumps it up to PG-13 .. simply unzip and drop the .hak file into your C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\hak folder.

Next up is a module by yours truly :

now drop the .mod file in your C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\modules


Start a new game select other modules and then Ruins of The Fallen should be an option and ability to play.

Remember this is a Work In Progress and you only get so far then well nothing. I lay the ground work first (like general plot flow, creating creatures and such) and hiding stuff ... theres 6 hidden quests loaded into it already 5 of which any one character can obtain..
ahh thx mate il be checking this out as soon as thayr done
Well there is a slight hault in production, I have made it all the way down to the bottom of the Camp Cave and am going to finally unlock the door to the caves and I'm about happy with all the events beforehand, if you have interest on seeing it so far I will be happy to update it, but until then I will continue to plug away at it.
sorry m8 i have bean gone or well cinda just got Wow and im totaly in to that tryd your dungeon tho it feel like a production dungeon to me GJ

but im gona pass on that update coz well im to in to wow
I haven't got myself into WOW intentionally, I am trying not to get into something else that requires a fee to play. However the game does look good and actually I host a little plage for some relatives who play WOW and are in a clan. Game looks fun but I'm not all for the extra funds. On the Neverwinter front I have pretty much stayed with playing the traditional campaings and have some pretty formidable characters running through them without the aid of any special modules or advancements. Right now I am workin on a Paladin / Torm and he is getting nasty.
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