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World of Warcraft


Does anyone play world of warcraft on this forum?

I'm currently playing world of warcraft on a private server called team canada. I'm a human paladin. I'm quite disappointed at how they've made him fully defensive and weakly offensive. It takes forever to kill. However, it is quite hard to die with all these healing spells and divine shield spells. It's very different from the paladin in diablo 2. That was the best. He was simply a killing machine. King swords with zeal made him so sexy.

I wish they could make the killing faster. There isnt as much enjoyment as there was in diablo 2 - running around and mass killing.


I play World of Warcraft.

But I play on my friends account on one of Blizzards servers. I play an undead rouge and a human warrior.
I played wow ,in the server of blizzard.
a human priest.
I played World of Wacraft beta on Blizzard server,then I played on free server but in that time many things like spells,skills,abilitiest,quests,.. doesnt works well.But there wa good comunita so it was good:).Then my friend gave me free 14 days ticket to play on official blizz server so i played,it was fine:).I have to say its too expensive fo me to pay 13 euro every month.When my ticket expired i returned to free servers and now i have my own private server,it isnt illegal Cool
I'm playing World of Warcraft, and got a human pally (only 2Cool

I started with a 10-day guest card too, and now i'm a bit of addicted to it Embarassed
It's funny to see there's like a new WoW-topic every 2 days.
But well, WoW is a great game. But it's impossible to compare a private server to an official server.
To be honest, I've never played a pally, always play Horde. I play on official servers by the way, and I'm co-admin of a private server, just for fun.

Now, Paladins are very defensive, and not very offensive, you're true about that. But they certainly aren't hard to kill. I play a lvl 60 Warlock on the official servers, and all I have to do is DoT them, and keep fearing them.
Then they use their invulnerable shield, to heal. I bandage myself then, and then we can start all over again, but he hasn't any mana left.
Pally without mana = dead

Anyhow, on a private server, many stuff might not work, for all classes, so pallies might be harder to kill, don't know for sure.

Tior wrote:
now i have my own private server,it isnt illegal Cool

Not true. If you look at the ToS, you can read clearly that it is illegal to use every blizzlike material, or something like that. But private servers are always illegal.
Private servers aren't always illegal unless the disclaimer says they are...

Unless the material for the private server (software, etc.) has been stolen.

Anyway, I play WoW on Khaz'Goroth. I play an Orc Warrior named Grubblies. Level 33 Very Happy. I also have an Undead Priest on Jubei'thos named Dstructor who's only level 11.

IMO the Horde is more fun to play because you get to be green or blue Very Happy. And also because it seems that more mature plays play Horde characters - all the little kids want to be Alliance Wink.

The Horde community on Khaz'Goroth is really quite mature and enjoyable to be involved with and everyone is usually willing to help. I'm also in the Lords of the Horde guild.
My bro plays WoW, and I'm about to buy the game too. Or make my own Very Happy
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