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Tennis - French Open


Anyone a tennis fan? I'm a supporter of Sampras since the early 90s. Too bad he's not playing anymore. The Genepri game on clay was an ok return to the tennis game. I'm from Australia and I had to watch it online on USTA.

Anyway, back to current tennis. What do u guys think about the tennis tour? I reckon it's stuffed. On clay, its federer and nadal only. No one else has a chance to threaten them. I personally think federer will win this one. He's had enough matches with nadal and had enough losses. Very Happy Because of the domination of federer, I don't even watch tennis anymore. I used to watch every day of the grand slams. Now, theres just no competition. Wimbledon, US and Aus Opens are worse. It's just federer dominating.



P.S. I'm pleased that Safin is back on the tour!!
Well surelly that Nadal is the favorite to win the Championcheap.
But Federrer can stop him.. he proved that he can play on hemar....
Nalbandian can surprise to.. but it's difficult for me to belive.

At the Womans - Henin Hardenne is the favorite.... and get the most chances to win.
1. I detest Nadal
2. Federer Rocks
3. I want fed to kick some spanish ***(sorry spaniards nothing against you personally)
4. I am looking forward to the women's event as well
5 I support Hingis(as I did for a long time) and Henin-hardenne
6. I dont support the Williams sisters whether they play or not
I support Henin in the women's competition too. She's a smooth player. And what about her single handed backhand. It's sexy!!
Yeah Henin is a good player, she has won the French Open atleast once if I remember right!

Sorry scorpio, but I like Nadal a lot! Too bad that Jarkko Nieminen droped out at the first round. He had some stomach problems. I threw up a couple of times on the court! Sad Crying or Very sad Idea
Federrer Smile
nadal Very Happy

i like nadal more Very Happy
GigahertzComputersOnline wrote:
On clay, its federer and nadal only. No one else has a chance to threaten them.

i don't agree. nalbandian being an argentinian is a great clay player. i'd like to see the results of the semifinals... i believe in david's victory. nadal, he would be more difficult to win but he can. i'm not saying that he's going to win the open, but he can not be left aside

regarding women, i was amazed by vaidisova.. so young and she's great!!! again, i believe she's a candidate. i'd like to see her with the cup.
i think we might see an upset today in the form of nalbandian making federer consider a career in swiss cheese. Either way it will be a good match, not the walk overs federer has been having so far. H/e, he will probably meet nadal in the finals. That will be a great match - which I hope Nadal wins. I just like seeing nadal win!!!

As for the ladies my biggest disappointment is that Hingis went out. I seriously want her to make it back to number 1. That might just complete my life.

Go Nadal!!!
Federer is the best player at the moment but not on Clay Court. I do not like to see one player too much dominating the game. If Federer is dominating grass court it's good to have Nadal keep beating him in Clay Court.

Go Nadal and repeat last year Roland Garros result.!!

Justine Henin-Harden has just won Women's Singles.
I'm listening to the game right now on the web radio.

Federer vs Nadal

6-1, 1-6, 4-6, 6-7 (4-7)

Awwww, I wanted Federer to win. But Nadal's best is the clay (duh) so what can you do?

But Federer's still the best out there. Very Happy

PS Yay for Hennin-Harden! I'm glad she won. Twas rooting for her.
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