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Company computers and their disposal.

I was wondering what a company does with old computers that they have runnin in their stores when say the store closes for good or something. I work at a clothing retailer and the particular location that i work at is closing its doors in a month and they have 4 IBM systems running win2k on them as their cash registers. I work the evening shift at this particular store and as such i get to be in the store during the evening schedualed reboot and i happened to glance down at the screen during the bios check and these things arent half bad. They're running AMD k6 processors at 300Mhz with 128Mb of RAM. I got thinking about what exactly the company does with these old machines when they close a store like they throw them away? Sell them? Re-use them? And then i was wondering if there was any way that i could maybe contact them about disposing of the computers for them if thats what they did with them Twisted Evil but i dont know how i would go about finding out this information. The people i work with know pretty much squat about computers or probably the proceedures taken to dispose of the old hardware so i cant really ask them. So what should i do?

(can you say 4 linux servers.... Rolling Eyes Laughing)
Throws them away, donates them to someone, or destroys them. Sometimes a combo of the three. Where I work, some parts are donated and some destroyed for security
Where I worked, they were stripped for parts and auctioned.
A company usally I want to say Rent their computer from the company.

For example. Commins has about lets say 2000 computers. They have a contract with Dell. (they used to have one with IBM but they sold their comptuer division) Right now they are using Pentium M Notebooks and Xeon Computers. When Cummins decides they need new Intel Core Duo laptops they give the old Pentium M's back to Dell, and Dell gives them a deal on the New computers. Dell resells the Computers as Used or Referbished.

This is one reason why when you look and apples website. You see a lot of referbished Apple PowerMac's. This is probably because a company like bungie that uses powermacs needed better powermac like the quad ones so they gave back the old duel ones in return for a deal on the quad.
ok, so what im hearing is that its sorta up in the air as to what they normally do with them....Im thinking either they stay in the company and get transplanted to another store or they get destroyed since most of the people i work with know little if anything about computers past IE and hopefully they are just throwing them away and i can take them... Very Happy
If only it were that easy. If I hear about another computer purging at GTRI (where I work), you will be the first to know. I can't take them because of the conflict of intrest crap, but I am sure you can "find them" dumpster diving and give me some of them back Wink
Well the situation really varies, Some as mention earlier have some parts destroyed which is usually the hard drive, I can understand why. Some discard them, Donate them or transfer them to another department. In my school only the principal, secretaries ect. Well the management level have Pentium 4 Dell computers while the computer labs have Old Macs and G3 and old Prosys P3 computers, The teachers used to have the same thing but recently replaced them with Compaqs P3 that are faster.

One thing I know many companies do is sell them to brokers such as Compute 123 in Montreal where I live.

In the situation of which I'm presumming you are working for a chain store, I'll bet you they will transfer all of this to another location. It really depends on the boss. Maybe will he strip them for replacements, Or perhaps he will just donate them ect.

But if you really want to get your hands on them, Offer to buy it from them or if you can have them. But disposing it for them? tough luck, Your boss really has to be naive to jeopardize corporate security to save a few bucks. Althrough I'm not saying your a crook, Security is cruacial in a business.
Disposing of a computer is usually more elaborate than just throwing them away. Since I work for the government at my job, I think you misunderstood me. There is a very complex "sanitization" process for the computers, involving many people and a department whose specific job is data security, then the computers are eliminated by throwing them out. I was saying I could tell TheGeek (he lives near me and we are good friends) that I would tell him when and where the sanitized computers were going to be thrown out. My boss could not just let me alone get rid of the computers, it does not work that way. Rolling Eyes
Big companies (at leat in India) have their cmputers value to zero in 2 years (or depends on the countries accounting policies) on paper and so they sell it to their employees at very very cheap prices by lottery. So they make money on stuff thats already junk for them and employees are happy too. This is what happens and is the best option to disposing off computers. Saves them all the headache of recycling and stuff Wink

Now to your part. What if they are closing? Well if they aint making money and thats the reason for the closure, i bet they did sell whatever they can to reclaim their losses. Maybe destroy the data sensetive parts which can be missused like HDDs.
Most of the time if they do see them you won't get a hard drive.

From Schools and Businesses they like to dispose of their hard drives to protect anydata or software from being stolen. Why do they do this? It saves time. Instead of trying to erase all the data on it just trash the hard drive aka break it.
You can get computers like that from nearly anywhere, including the garbage dump. At least, that's my experience. My house is packed with old computers Smile
Xeniczone wrote:
Instead of trying to erase all the data on it just trash the hard drive aka break it.

No, they dont. They use degaussers to destroy the data. Physical destruction is considered a bad practice, I asked my boss about it earlier today...
No, they dont. They use degaussers to destroy the data. Physical destruction is considered a bad practice, I asked my boss about it earlier today...

Ok, I knew they did something with it. Degausser what is that? like swiping a maginet over it?

and I wasn't insiting on them taking a hammer and smashing it. Breaking it is like a said something simple like killing it in a machine that creates high megnetic feilds.
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