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what do you think of my design?

I like simple stuff... I know it's gray-white-black and that it's too classic, but I still want to see if you think I could improove it a little.
Ryan Marcus
First off, I'm using Firefox, so my view may be different then yours.

The box containing "Últimas actualizaciones:" lacks padding. I think the text is a bit to close to the end of the box.

There is a line separating the left side navigation from the news, but no line on the right side.

I think the color of your buttons are a bit off... I think the gray is too dark, but that is completely my opinion. The roll over effect just makes it look cheesy, but this is also my opinion.

You've done quite a bit correctly though, don't get me wrong. The header image speaks out just enough to be noticed and not enough to be distracting, and almost all of your spacing is perfect.

Hope I did not sound rude, I'm often misunderstand. Wink
thanks. I don't really care much if you were rude or not, you are just trying to help.

now, to find out what padding is Wink

and I'm using firefox too Smile
Ryan Marcus
Mamsaac wrote:
thanks. I don't really care much if you were rude or not, you are just trying to help.

now, to find out what padding is Wink

and I'm using firefox too Smile

Padding is the distance between the border or outside of a class/id and the text/contents. Easy with CSS or tables.
The logo has a lot of potential. The logo is a bit pixelated, the solution is simple, use anti aliasing on the text, it seems you didn't use that.
I really liked the logo(s) at the top of the page but two things bothered me, the MamStuff picture has a white background, while your page is slightly off white, that can be fixed by adding a layer of transparency to the image, or just recoloring the background of the image.

For the image that has the text "A page where..." it's always better to use text instead of images, because using an image adds to the size of the page and search engines can't "see" that text. However, if you can't accomplish the effect that you want with just text and code then use the image.

Hope that helps.
thanks to all.

I was using text instead of an image, but IE read it differently than Firefox and I had to change it to an image. It doesn't slow it much since it's just a gif 1.37kb (I could make it a gif... that would be a good idea.

about the logo, thanks, I used fireworks. =)

and for last, I think I will add transparency to the logo, thanks for the recommendation I will do it tomorrow.
Me parece que tu web está bien organizada y tiene todo lo que debe tener. Ahora, podrías mejorarla mucho si le pones un poco más de ganas a la plantilla o diseno. Más que distractora, podrías hacerla más vistosa.

Los botones, el fondo, el encabezado, son cosas que puedes mejorar si llenarla de colores o de effectos especiales.

Ahora que si lo que quieres es ser minimalista, te recomiendo que disminuyas el ancho, se ve grande y dificil de leer si el objetivo es publicar texto, podrías buscar entonces una fuente y un tamano más amigable para leer.

Very Happy
Padding - so there is space between the text and side bars.
Vertical line on left side bar - make it the same on right side, or just get rid of it.
Image is a bit pixelated.

These are all easy fixes, I like the overall look.
ok, this might sound sad, but... how do I fix the pixelated pics?
I don't think the problem is pixellation, but interpolation. It looks like the image was resized from a larger image, and was scaled down poorly to that size. Either that, or it wasn't anti-aliased when it was first made.

Depending on what originally caused the problem, you can either remake the logo with antialiasing on, rescale the image from within ps or gimp from an original larger image, or just use the "blur" feature (while being very careful) in the spots where you see the jagged edges on the image you have now.

However, I don't think it's a big deal, and it's not that noticible at all.

Give an alternate link where your using .tk domains, because they're down a lot... like right now. Rolling Eyes
Damnit, I'm just too newb at all this.

how do you do that?

btw, I moved the logo to the left. I think it looks better than centered.
i really don like ur gold oO
hey great going man, you can improve
I think it looks cool, I don't know how others see it, but simple is nice! Idea
i like it...

although i'd change the navigation to something cleaner, but im picky! Laughing
It´s pretty simple but good!
There is an conflict between logo & google ad-sense - in FF it's ok, but in IE the site is much too wide (logo&google are display inline). (ad <br> after logo and before google Smile )
Start learning how to make xhtml sites (layout in CSS:) )
You don't have doctype and text encoding (charset) declared Smile
I already learnt how to make xhtml sites, but I'm so lazy...

I already do the coding by hand, and I love my <p>'s without being closed. I don't really care much about all the doc's style, and even though I knw it would be better, I guess I'm just so lazy at this moment... I'm doing a version of the site in english and it's taking me some time to do it.

Also, I'm struggling with the google ads right now, thanks for the comment on it (about the IE, I just checked 2 mins before viewing this topic). I just added the Google Ads today and I'm seeing where it fits better.


so, I already fixed everything relevant to the Google Ads. Also, now the site fits to all resolutions from 1024x768 to the others.
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