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Rage Against the Machine.... Any Fans?

Hi all,

Are there any fans of Rage Against the Machine out there? they have to be one of my favourite bands!
Yeah, I've had my share of Rage Against the Machine. Talk about the band that had something say and act on it. It's a damn shame that they broke up.
I was a RATM fan a years ago... I love the Rage Against the Machine Album... Have you listened Audioslave? A very good band too...
I love Rage. I didn't know they broke up though. I guess it's because I dont really keep track of things like that... Prolly should
Yeah its a real shame that they broke up..... i have listened to audioslave but i dont like them nearly as much as RATM
RAtM is good... the songs "killing in the name of" and "guerilla radio". oh, and "renegades of the punk"
RATM is a very good band... the self titled album is one of
my favourite album.

In the same style, I'm also a fan of Cypress Hill and H.E.D. pe
Are you certain Cypress Hill is in the same style of music?
im certain it isnt lol...... yeh i love RATM, I never get sik of their music Razz Razz
cghq wrote:
im certain it isnt lol......

Okay I was just making sure, because last time I heard any Cypress Hill it wasn't composed of overdriven bluesy bass riffs and definately had digital add-ons and keyboard effects, contrary to RATM.
Are there any fans of RATM, heh....are you kidding? These guys were enormous in their time. Anyone like the new stuff - audioslave?
Are there any fans of RATM, heh....are you kidding? These guys were enormous in their time. Anyone like the new stuff - audioslave?

I really like Rage Against The Machine although I personally dislike Audioslave its a new style and it doesn't seem to match the quality of RATM. But all in all they are a great band, I never get sick of their music to put it simply it really rocks. I would advise anyone who hasn't heard them yet to cheack it out at
especially live, their concerts were legendary...the moshpits at their concerts was just madness!!!
they are ok, but their style isnt my preferred kind of metal to be honest. they guitarist is pretty cool though.
I'm a great fan of them. I think their music it's great and they shouldn't finished.
I would say they are one of the best rock bands ever. Ever.
yeh these guys started it all

never got to see them unfoutunity, own all there albums though! different classs!
XLax wrote:
Are you certain Cypress Hill is in the same style of music?

I'm not an expert in this style, but I think that these two bands have something in common : they play rock with some hip-hop vocals... Wink
its sooooooooo dissapointing that they broke up, they are a legendary band..... my all-time favourite
cghq wrote:
its sooooooooo dissapointing that they broke up, they are a legendary band..... my all-time favourite

I agree, but they still did some good music Very Happy
RATM rules!

Really loved their music!

Too sad they broke up! Why does all good things come to an end some day!
Evil or Very Mad

Definitely a shame that they broke up(or Zach left the band)...I dislike Audioslave with a passion...they're just too...ugh...for me
the reason audioslave isn't nearly as good is the message... what kind of a message do they give out? eer... none? RATM had a strong political side ant that's why they were so good
yeah i would agree..... rage against the machine and audioslave are nearly direct contrasts!..... btw, what would all of your favourite ratm songs/albums be? Question Question
Used to love RATM back in high school. Then they broke up. Songs were still great, and Tom had been getting really nutty with some of his stuff on Battle of Los Angeles, so I was really looking forward to Audioslave. But that was kind of a letdown. And now I've heard the same old RATM songs waaaay too many times on the radio or in those homemade Youtube montages people make of sports highlights.

I see people wear a RATM shirt here and there and it just looks dated to me, it'll probably look decent (retro-enough) again in 10 more years. And I pity the fools that got any RATM tattoos.
They were a great group. I'm not that sorry they broke up though, chances are they'd have wound up becoming tired. I loved how they made each song unique and distinct. That might have been hard to maintain.
Yeah I think Rage were awesome. The thing is, I didn't like them because of the message they were portraying, I simply liked the construction and sound to their songs. Plus Tom Morello is a brilliant guitarist.

Back to the Cypress Hill reference, didn't Rage cover one of their songs on their Renegades album? I'll dig my CD out in a bit and have a listen, and let you know if I can work out which song it was they covered.
Tynerius wrote:
I didn't like them because of the message they were portraying,

At least they dont write meaningless lyrics. They are doing what's right to do, they think like that.
Killing in the name of's a good song
yeh, all of their sogns are about something..... With most bands now, if you read their lyrics or listen closely, they are singing about nothing lol!.... Only reason people buy their CDs is because their sogns are catchy lol
Yeah i've got nothing against their lyrics... i was just saying.

Anywho, back to the Cypress Hill link, on the Renegades album they covered a Cypress Hill song "Kill a Man". Just thought you might like to know that.
I´m not really a fan anymore but when they released "Bombtrack" I was blown away. That is a landmark record and it´s probably the album I´ve listened to the most after Metallica´s Black album. It was so unique and angry . There wasn´t a party for like 3 years where you couldn´t hear a RATM song. Very Happy
I was lucky enough to see Rage a few years ago live, and they were a really cool band to watch. Shame they didn't stick together though.
ratm is the greatest rap-metal band, their lyrics impressed me, doesn't other sucky bands talk about s**t, i luv them! Btw, their "bullet in your head" is my favorite.
yeh i wish i had seen them live Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad ..... Can anybody recomend any bands that are of a similar genre to Rage against the machine??? I have looked around the place but never found any that are quite the same
Personally I think Rage Against The Machine are great, I've got one album of theirs and my Mum likes them too.
Another good band of rap metal is Def con Dos, a Spanish band...

Well, of RATM I love specially the first album, their lyrics are very very good...

Audioslave is also a very good band, but isn't rap metal...
yeah after years of listening to ratm im still not sick of them lol..... Does anbody know of any toher rap-metal or funk-metal bands that are similar to RATM?
Industrial rap with politic lyrics,it was something special.
they r Awesome !!
Love the Music especially!
One Rage Against The Machine fan here!!!! Very Happy

I Just wanna they come back to Mexico Wink
see terminator3, Which show you best antimachine war
Beginning to get into them, yeah. And remshad, you really mean terminator 3, and not 4?
meee !
they are really good band
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