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What are the chances of a currency to go from low to high?

I had this inspiration that dated back in the late 40's after world war 2. There was this guy who made himself rich as it is said from a war ravage europe when the currency was worthless. Apparently over time the reconstruction of Europe caused the currency to go from low to somewhere high. Then the guy became rich after exchanging the currency. Well its something like that, I dont remember since that was a while ago.

So I was wondering since recently in the news, Zimbabwes currency has inflate by 1,042% and the situation there is worsening. With Money Shortages, People now claiming to all be millionaires, Even those earning $1 a day. Actually everyone goes shopping with millions of dollars, Money bricks in bags ect.

If I where to buy say $10 in Zimbabwe dollars ($1,000,000.00) and the chance the situation improving over time with people deciding to do something or something.

What are the chances my plan will work? What are the chances that their currency will be $100,000 ZIM to the US Dollar to $20,000 ZIM to the US Dollar, Even the smallest increase will permit me to earn money?

I know this could take years, But its only $10 Dollars. Even if it get worse, I can always claim one day that I was once a millionaire back in 2000 since the money probably was printed earlier.
wel every thing depands on investing money on bullion if there stop inversting decrease investing in buillion the price really go down first you need some bussiness knowldge ,take a example now world get more perstol than last year bu the price is get more and more high why it is ? Bcose people love to invest in crude oil
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