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need for speed

What's the next "need for speed" game?

The next Need for Speed is Need for Speed Carbon, and it will be available for all systems (including the new, unreleased ones). The release date, however, is unknown.

oh dang, I'm going to be needing a new video card for that. I can't wait though, i've really been loving the series these past few years.
It's a fun series, but the past few have been just repetitions of the previous one. They really need to do something radical with this next installment, or else they are just going to drag this thing out too thin for it to be good anymore.

Most Wanted was a bit innovative, but it's repetitive at the back... So yeah, I think NFS needa add some spice into their game.
I like this game so much and wating for new one. I believe it's will be better that now for sure. Very Happy
Intresting, I hope my pc will run it,
Sad that there isn't more info on the game for the moment.
I hope it will be more than an 'more of the same' game.
has anybody played the newest released xbox 360 need for speed game? or has it still not been released, i saw it advertised a while back, and it really does look good
Is there gonna be a car game for the fast and the furious tokyo drift?
here's the oficial site for NFS: Carbon

there's also a teaser someplace around the web; don't know if it's in the oficial website or not tho.
In my opinion, the best NFS game out there is Porsche unleashed. This game is closer to a simulation than any other NFS game. I like the fact that damage does affect your driving, which isn't true in the other NFS games.
Underground is the best in 'pimping ur ride' XD i think, maybe in performance tuning too.
I like this game and underground is the best Surprised
NFS is getting tougher these days. Underground2 is a bit harder to play. For me NFS 2 is the best. They need to give me an easy game like this with all new graphics and some spice also needed.
NFS serie is getting more in tuning and bling bling then real racing..

to bad

the last 2 of the serie i didnt play full out
i got bored again tuning again bling bling

i got now FlatOut2 and i like it.. it is for me the best race game now

u got races.. events and humor.. play blackjack.. a car and a big jump:)

i reqement it to all of u

give it a try
Solid Stone
Hi !

NFS Carbon will be a little revolution for the Game series, especilly with the new race modes [like canyon race : high speed and perfect driving, because a little error will mean brutal death Twisted Evil ]
Like EA says, the tunning [my favorite thing in NFS Laughing ] will be very realistic, it was so in Most Wanted, but the sceenshots [and the trailers] of "Carbon" made by EA, shows a very good quality for the 3D, look Wink

Nitrous effect, absolutely perfect :

Of course, you'll need a super Graphical Card to run the game at it's best quality Crying or Very sad

Release November 3rd Wink

Cordially, Stone.
For the moment NFS Most Wanted and sometimes Underground 2.

I just like NFS
I use it sometimes to evade the daylight trafficjams and burn some virtual rubber. That's at least less expensive than all those driving tickets.

The Game itself is indeed getting more difficult with a new release.
NFS Carbon seems to be more difficult, but tho what's in it ?
A small crack will solve the problem.
It is not my intension to play for hours and hours just to solvea small part of the racing game, just to show off with a very fast car and wina lot of races.

Greetz, Rudi
Smile hi nfs carbon
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