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Me on a 400ex riding through mud!


Thats me on a 400ex honda quad. I was going through a huge mud pit. It was about 100 feet long. I made it through like 3 times. It was almost like supe. Thats what I did over the weekend Very Happy

If you want to see more pictures of me riding just let me know. It is my sport. Very Happy
Someone had fun Wink
hella yea!!! Whats not fun about that. Very Happy

You know you wish you where there helios. I can read minds.
Great photo, i like the way you drive ! Very Happy
Oh i am awesome at driving them things. I have been riding them since this time 3 years ago. So trust me i know my way around a quad. I am only 14 and drive all different types of quads. Out of the group of people we go with i am the best with mud Very Happy The rest are hill climbers and stuff.
For some strange reason I prefer two wheels to four wheels Smile But I like what you are doing and it seem like you are having fun. Fun is what it is all about Smile
Yea two wheels are fun. But the person that did it on 2 wheels just riped on it and fell off. He went flying. He was ok though. He got a standing ovation. And yes i was having fun. I think a little too much fun. Razz

So you ride noliver?

I posted some other ones of when i was up there too. Check them out on my blog.
That looks so ***king exciting!!! How much have you spent in this hobby so far, and also where are you from? I'd love to get into that sport, but I don't have any means of transport from my parents (well my dad, but I only see him on a weekend). I also don't think i'll have enough money and my mam will complain, i've already got 3 hobbies, I don't need more, lol! My hobbies are fishkeeping, karate (it's getting very boring now) and boxing (i've only been twice).

I'd try it in my truck, except there dosen't seem to be anything solid around to connect the winch to. I wish I had a mudhole that good around.
ocalhoun there where some trucks going though. Check my blog out and see some of the images. There are ways of getting it out. There are like 30 people up there to help.

Vanquish i have been riding since i was in fith grade and am in 8th now. I have been riding for 3 years. I started after my uncle started so he transported me. I worked my self up on quads. Started with a tiny 100 cc and can now ride just about anything. That one there was a 400 cc.

I live in Pennsylvania and ride at a place called TCTRI. If you ever have any questions about it just send a pm to me or something.
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