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Poetic Justice?

S3nd K3ys


Would-be copper thief electrocuted
35-year-old takes 14,000 volts while cutting through a power line at a Langley BC Hydro substation

Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun
Published: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

LANGLEY - A 35-year-old Surrey man trying to steal copper wire was electrocuted when he cut through a high-voltage line near a BC Hydro substation in Langley, police said Monday.

"Last year we had a fellow who lost two fingers trying to steal Telus wires and now we've got a death,"

Too bad he had to die, but still... what a

Copper wire?! How much can copper wire get you on the market? If he's going to do something illegal to make money, at least rob a casino or do something more lucrative...
S3nd K3ys
joxang wrote:
at least rob a casino or do something more lucrative...

and less lethal Wink
Code of Ruin
Apparently the saying that intelligence has it limits and stupidity hasn't got any, proves to be true once again. It must have been a very special copper wire if it's worth stealing. I don't know what to think about people that are so stupid maybe he could win a Darwin Award or something like it. Oh well, i guess this is what they mean when they talk about swift justice. Laughing
At least it saves tax payers money by putting him in jail!
Well, copper wires are generally costly in the market because of their use.

He may not have hoped to make a fortune by that anyway.

People back here usually steal the Iron covers of manholes and sell it for scrap for some money.

They dont get much out of it, but it is one way of getting a few bucks.

That guy was desperate enough to get something, and without using the stuff in his head, died./
Well he's not the first person to die doing that... I've heard of that quite a few times now over the years.. copper is apparantly worth quite a bit of money now, but i don't see it worth the risk.

it goes to show you what lengths people will go to and what they will risk to make a fast buck.
bob hawke
dam straight..

copper wire.. especially at the grade they use it in im assuming, a telcom system, is pure as pure can be.

Quite $$$

great for little Kit electric hobiests to Smile
The price for copper has almost quadrupled in the past year. I don't remember the exact figures, but it was at I believe .89c and now it's up to $3 and some change. I'm not saying the guy was right to try to steal, but at least it sheds some light on why he might have tried. It's just a shame that peope can't use more common sense about things and have to end up getting themselves killed. Dunno, maybe the guy had kids or something.

EDIT: I see in the article it mentions the price doubling in the past year. I'm thinking that it was .89c in the past couple years then... I have a friend that sells copper pipe fittings, which is the only reason I know.
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