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Snakes who likes them who hates them

snakes i think are class creatures please give me some of your views !! on this subject

I ran over one yesterday, does that count?

Captain Woodrow F. Call; from the novel 'Lonesome Dove' wrote:

A man who will slow down for snakes might as well walk.
I hate snakes. I had a bad encounter with one when I was little. I didn't get bitten, but I was scared shitless.

And now whenever I see a snake, I scream like a girl /tear
I'm okay with snakes that are owned and raised as pet and which do not have any poison but I would be really scared to go near any of other snakes.
Put it this way, I wouldn't live in the USA or Australia simply because of the fact they have poisonous snakes, it's mainly poisonous spiders for that reason though, and also natural disasters. Thereagain, the other day I found out that spiders in the UK can also bite you, and they feel like a wasp sting.

One of my husband's friends had a snake. He thought it was really cool. I'm not so sure if I want one, though. I'm afraid the cats would bother it.
I'm terrified of them. My best friend was threatening to get one and I told her I would never come over to her house again if she did [she didn't in the end]. I've never liked them for some reason and even pictures or whatever freak me out. I saw one in the road when I was on a walk once and I just screamed and ran home [sad, I know]. Hey, we all have our little phobias.
cool thanks for ur replies and plz keep them coming
I’m not afraid of snakes, but I would not want to stay close to one if I think that it can bite me.
I like python snakes the most, their appearance is really nice I think. People should just wait a second and see the beauty in the snakes. It’s the same with lions, tigers and other animals, people think that they look nice even if they are killing machines. But I am not taking their site, so just relax, I am just saying that all creatures are fascinating in their own way.
I like snakse, for me theyre so cute. My uncle love them. He have 2 big snakes on his house.
I love snakes! I have a pair of corn snakes that I'm trying to breed right now. Getting them to mate was the easy part...but unfortunately my female laid her eggs while I was out of town and all 8 of them were bad when I got home yesterday Sad Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to breed them again! Next time I'll make sure I'll be home when she's going to lay her eggs. I want some baby snakes!!! They're sooooooo cute. I got both my male and female as babies and it was fun to watch them grow up.

Anyone else breed snakes on here??
Kind of hard to breed them, aint it, Satori?

I used to have a Californian King's snake, Lampropeltis Geutulus. It becomes
1,5-2,0 meters, the one I cared of was about 1,10 when a friend of mine took
her cause I couldn't provide with a living-place steady enough even for myself. Evil or Very Mad

Anyhow, snakes, it's beautiful creatures, often spoken of in myths, and I belive
you just have to take the time to observe one to understand why. Magical, to
say the least, and to say more in words I find impossible. Comparable to cats,
actually, but it could be my personal opinion shadowing, since I'm living with
cats now. Wink

Anyhow, directed to the replies here that stomp on animals, this kind or any,
I stomp on you. Lightly, cause you are such fragile beeings that you can't handle
anything more Shame on you

(And by the way, just to spice those predjudices a bit more, the woman I live
with enjoys snakes as much as lizards, and was the keeper of a Iguana a while ago.
Actually, we concider housing a reptile as soon as we move to a larger place...) Razz
yeah i myself have corn snakes and i am trying to breed to ??? but dont think they like each other as nothing happened no eggs or nothing ??..

thanks for all your replies and your views please keep them coming

I absolutely LOVE snakes. I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and almost all fears of them are really irrational. Doesn't mean I'll chase someone around with a snake, or even try to make them like snakes at all. I just think it's silly. Wink

I'm looking to buy a corn snake soon, but there's so many colors that it's hard to decide, and I'm having trouble locating a breeder near me at the moment. (strange, I know, since I'm in Chicago)
Snakes are probably the best pets you can have... Make sure they have water, make sure the temp is ok, feed 'em once a week, pick up the only 1 mess per week and you can go on holiday and not worry about them!!! Fantastic.

At the moment I have a cornsnake but going back a few years I had a Burmes Python, a Reticulated Python (grumpy), a Boa Constricta, a Royal Python and a million garter snalkes!!!

yeah im not really a big fan of snakes, lol hard pet to look after Razz im more of a cat person as you can play with them more then snakes
snares are quite scary to me. i wouldn't want it as a pet.
hey this is cool some interesting views from people who like them and others who dont cool please keep them coming

thanks very much,
Snakes are pretty cool creatures because they seem so mysterious... I wouldn't want one as a pet though, that's kinda creepy Smile
I fear snakes, I don't like them or hate them I fear them. Snakes belong in the wilderness not in suburbia they need the wilderness to survive and also to keep there numbers low. I also don't condone zoos that have wild animals in them. I guess there would be a few ocassions where I would condone zoos, I guess if these wild animals were brought in from abandoned homes. People who thought they could raise a wild animal and then realized that they couldn't. This reminds me of the movie natural born killers and the native american guy was telling the story about how this person found a snake that had frozen and then went on to revive the snake and nurse it back to health. Once it got healthy the snake bit the person, and the person asked why did you bite me after all I've done for you. The snakes replied, "Listen bitch you knew I was a snake before you picked me up." I once saw a college commencement speech given by Stephen King and he used the same defense when talking about himself and the dark commencement speech he was giving. Anyway I'm getting off topic. Snakes are a beautiful creature and they belong in the wilderness with other beautiful wild creatures. They do however belong far away from us because we've become so accustomed to the way we live that we cannot go back to the wild, at least not right away. I sometimes wonder when that will happen if I will see it. I wonder if anything will change. Snakes are in the same phylum as humans, Chordata. They belong in class sauropsida, order squamata, and suborder serpentes. There are 3 different families of snakes: Henophidia, Typhlopoidea, and Xenophidia. VIpers (not the car) belong to the family viperidae. They have moveable front fangs called solenoglyphous that they use to inject venom. Vemon, literally meaning animal poison, is used by predators for hunting prey and defense. Snake venom is produced by glands below the eyes.
Hmmm snakes? I had one around my neck once, I was so scared. It was for those picture things at a resort in know, those annoying guys who take your picture then make you buy it?

There aren't really any snakes where I live, so that was the only time I ever touched one. But a snake would make a cool pet I think.
Snakes are cool. I don't really want it as a pet, but its cool. However I do want to touch one and play with it for a while lol. For me I'll stick with my turtles for now.
I do not like snakes
I do not hate them
I feel scared with them because its shape, texture, and habits
I live on a farm in a very hot area of Australia (New South Wales to be precise) and snakes are a very common occurance out my way during summer. I hate the bastards, so I get my dad out to shoot 'em! Very Happy Easy as that!
Hearing the word SNAKE, it gives me the freaks!!
i just cant stand them, but they are a part of this world, so I dont wish them to be extinct.
I don't like snakes but i don't hate them.. Laughing
this is mad i didnt think anyone would have any views on this subject but thanks for all your replies and views and please keep them coming ,
thanks again ,
they give me the willies
Snakes are COOL.

In Indonesia there are some big snakes, this is a medium size one.

i think they're really cool and stuff, but i don't think i could ever feed live mice to one. there's just something very disturbing about making the fate of a mouse become a carcass that's digested whole. it reminds me of that south park episode where they're lost in the jungle. the one with jennifer aniston as the guest voice.

jennifer aniston however, i could definitely handle.
I like the look and coolness of them!!!!!!!!
We have a norther banded water snake and she is a joy to study. Never known a snake to eat fish before so that peaked my intrest as much as my brothers 2 boas when I was much younger Smile
[quote="milkmandan"]i think they're really cool and stuff, but i don't think i could ever feed live mice to one. [quote]

When I had a snake living with me I never fed it live mice. Not for the reason
that it wasn't fair to the mice, but that it wasn't fair to the snake. Laughing
Living in captivity and with a limited space to move on it can simply be very
badly hurt. Mice bite. Laughing Laughing Laughing

I saw how funny it sounded while writing it, but belive me, it's true. At least
for the smaller snakes.
Well non-poisonous snakes I'm ok with, but I hate poisonous snakes.
I hate snakes! Those animals are awful to me... sticky little ones... My uncle had a snake, but it was little... still, dont like them
I see snakes as beautiful creatures. Their scales are silky smooth and often cold to the touch.

Looking at them I sometimes wonder what secrets they would tell if I could understand their gaze.
Snakes are cool, especially when you see them on the screen and not meet them in the wild Very Happy .

In the book Illussion of Life - Disney Animation, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston tell the story of how Kaa was created, the snake in The Jungle Book. They said they had a really hard time making an appealing animated snake because people generally think snakes are disturbing creatures, more than un-appealing... They had to change the snake's movement a lot, to make it more human, and also its overall design is a bit angular... his colors are bright cartoony, cute, and his teeth are missing (I think there is a little bit of animation showing teeth, but I don't remember exactly, where his teeth are cartoony, more like a rabbit's, and definitely not vampire-like), his eyes are large and the animators came up with all kinsd of cute actions for him, to make him appealing - like they focused on his magical ability of putting animals to sleep and made his eyes wobble... and then his attitude in general is that of unhappiness, he's unfulfilled, sad, disturbed... so by being disturbed himself, he became less! Oh, and he gets brutalized by the tiger, which shows him weaker (although he was about to put Bagheera to sleep. But then Mowgly also showed his superiority over Kaa, and then "poor Kaa" has to "step away" in defeat... Mowgli's confidence helps us not fear the snake). And of course we sympathise with a sad person, and laugh at Neutral this kind of faces. Kaa is probably the first appealing snake in history, a snake for people to looooove. And he sings that amazing song Smile how can you not love him? Disney animators managed to create not only an appealing snake, but also an amazingly original character. There's a scene I especially love, animated by my one of my absolutely favorite animators, Milt Kahl, where he had the ideea of having Shere Khan, the tiger, tickle Kaa inside his nose, using his claw... that's probably one of the most famous animated shots in history Wink with all that false pity Shere Khan has towards Kaa, and Kaa's false self-pity while being such a liar... it's funny, of course (oh, I even forgot about this, his problem with sinusses, hehe, that's a fabulous one, he's got this problem and they introduce it from the very start - one of the first things we know about Kaa is that he has a problem with sinusses, he's a bit ill, how can you not empathise with that?)
wow ok what a reply .... Shocked Shocked Confused Confused Question Question Question
thanks for all your replies and please keep them coming ...
I love snakes, always have...even as a young girl. Not sure really what freaks people out about them, they aren't really "slimy" (which seems to be the number one concern for most people) or anything, they're just smooth feeling. I actually own a snake--his name is Goodie, and he's a Fox snake and is about 6 years old. Smile
I am afraid of them.. do not love ,do not hate them..just scaree
Same as xray. I neither love nor hate snakes. I fear them. Laughing I love watching snakes in TV shows though. They make pretty interesting pets, I think. If only I can tame one.
i love feeding my friends snake live mice.... its soooo awsome to watch those little guys get eaten whole.
i don't love snakes the easliy scare me and i think they are evil
I used to have a Snake, he was pretty cool. I think he was too high-maintenance though.
Captain Fertile
I was sure I had already replied to this thread???

Anyway, I used to have two snakes. One cornsnake called Velentine (because he had a red heart shape on the top of his head) and a Red Tailed Boa called Samson (because he was so strong, he was just a muscle with teeth really).

I had to give them up though when we had to relocate,

The right snake make a great pet for the right people.
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