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Reservations in education in India

Do we need reservations in education?
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I am from India.We have reservations in education here for a long time now. And my necessity for posting here about this topic here is just as a vent of my frustration.

The reservations for the backward castes has been increased now to an unacceptable 50% now. it is true that the backward classes did not get education in the past and were treated badly and denied education. Then, India got independence and then the democratic governement formed brought in reservations in education. That was a very good move at the first place and lot of backward caste people got education as a result of this.

Now the raising of this quota to a whooping 50% is something like a role reversal of the past or something like a revenge on the students coming under the genral caste.

All these done in the wake of three states .. that too the states which have a high percentage of backward castes going into elections in the recent future bring to light the untruthful inentions of the lawmakers.

Please put in your views on this subject.

Thanks and regards,
Well said Satheesh
i too agree that we dont need it...
i am posting a banner used in the protest that help you understand how people feel about this...

i am totally against reservations. i think that reservations degrade the quality of services.
We here in the US have something which is simmilar call affirmative action. It gives preference to minorities in things like jobs and acceptances to college. While it is not in place everywhere, I am adamantly opposed to the practice and anything like it. Things like school and employment should be entirely blind to race and socioeconomic status. I don't see why your color or social class should help you or hurt you.
The reservation system is bullshit.

Its like nullifyin the person with proper qualification for the sake of some QUOTA !!!!

In everycase.. only the qualified person should get the required job/admission or the position he/she is entitled to ..

Not just some QUOTA... or some reservation. Then where will be the quality.. Can the quality/performance be justified that since there are 50 % reservation for the people who some-how-got-this-job so 50% of the product may not be upto the mark ????

What we gotta look what is this reservation for ??? Is it for the all the so called Backward classes ?? or is it for the actual needy ones ??

Very sorry to say .. its like the attitude... "I SOME HOW HAVE TO PASS THE XAM, AS THERES A JOB WAITING FOR ME"

I was, am and will be AGAINST ALL KINDA RESERVATIONS !!!!

IF someone gotta take a job/admission he/she gotta have the required qualifications for that... otherwise... sorry buddy try harder !!!!!

India is makin economic advancement not bcoz of the people who got into this with some reserved QUOTA... its the people.. who made their way into it by their own credits, qualification n merit...

They're tlaking about raising the number of seats in premier institutes like the IITs and IIMs. The government is (or at least should be) aware that the number of qualified lecturers in IIT is way below the required. Adding more seats will just destablilze and add more pressure to the already stretched-out faculty at the IITs. As it is, I see ads in a daily newspaper here from IITS almost begging for faculty.

A recent article I read somewhere stated that the current 27% that is reserved for the SC/STs in IITs doesn't get filled up. What actually happens is that the number of students who actually make the cut-off mark from the SC/ST category is less than the number of seats. Obviously, these students lag behind in terms of academics. The IITs then spend an extra year for these students training them rigorously to bring them somewhat upto the mark that normal IIT students are... consequently, these students finish their Bachelor's degree in 5 years, instead of the normal 4 years. Obviously, the lecturers are taxed extra because they have to take extra classes. All of this is only going to get worse as if there are more students for whom these extra classes have to be taken.

The SC is against reservations of any kind. In the beginning, when the backward classes were really subdued, reservations might have served their purpose. But now that the number of schools and educational opportunities is on the rise, there is no excuse to keep these reservations. Instead, they should be phased out completely.

If at all any reservations are to be made, there should be some reservations for those who are economically backward. There should be a separate test for those whose family income falls below a certain amount, and based on this, these students should be given a free scholarship. I don't mind 25% of seats being reserved for scholarship students who pay reduced fees, but who had to write an exam and were taken for their merit and obvious potential.
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