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what plugin you used on your Firefox

recently I found my firefox running really slow, so I opened the extention section and see... THERE ARE SO MANY of them that I thought it was useful(most are not useful anymore)

-All-in-one sidebar(A Must have to anyone....)
-BBCodeXtra(for me, a lot easier to edit posts)
-CCK wizard(build your own Firefox and distribute it everywhere)
-ChatZilla(an IRC thing...)
-Cooliris Previews(this is so useful when browsing in google)
-DownThemall!( I only use them when I download large files)
-Dragdropupload(help upload file... FAST)
-Fasterfox(i don't think I see any effect.. but I think it's better just keep it
-Firefox Showcase(find the tab easier)
-Gmail Manager(The extension I use most often, because I use email a lot)
-Google Notebook(Take notes anywhere.. But now I use my blog to take notes)
-Google Toolbar for Firefox(I forgot the reason I installed it)
-Google Web Accelerator(not that useful)
-GraphicsEX(SAVE WEB PAGES to a PNG file! another great tool. so you don't have to use print screen anymore)
-HTML Validator(for webmasters like me to check pages)
-Hyperwords(Instant options like search for selected text)
-IE Tab(comparing a site with IE and Firefox view)
-ImageBot(not that useful now, because I got my own Image Hosting!)
-JSView(another Webmaster must have...)
-MyStickies(put notes on some websites, so you will see them next time you view them)
-phplangeditor(never used it, but will be used after I'm creating large websites)
-Sage(good for RSS)
-ScrapBook(I use google notebook instead of this one now... but I just my blog instead of google notebook~)
-Search engine wizard(I don't get why I got it for... but it's like build your own search engine of something
-StumbleUpon(show which websites you like)
-Web Developer(10000% must for web developers!)
-Xinha Here!(an HTML editor, great instant editor... but now, I got my own blog to go to so... why bother..)
err... for me, sad to say, I found only a few useful to me:

-footiefox (a must for soccer lovers ;p)
-Gmail manager
-google toolbar(wonder whether it is a plugin, as it come with the install pack)

Please search before posting.

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