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Metal Gear Solid 4...

Few time is left for the Playstation3 to comes out to the market, and with it, will come many titles that are a great success again, among them Metal Gear Solid 4, which is leaving us without sleep, maybe because it’s one of the best games in our times, Metal Gear Solid 4, makes many expectations in the players around the world, after the delivery of Snake Eater, it’s expected that this game as the great title that it is, will be a great success and also the pre-taste of many other MGS in the future.

here you can see the trailer:

Metal Gear Solid is awesome series of games. I had personally,
enjoyed playing the game, it have an awesome storyline I can
tell and depth. I have to say, Octagon is my personal favourite.

Now. Metal Gear Solid 4. Konjami doesn not get tired does they?
With high tech graphic game coming soon and a film.

I am looking forward for the release of MGS4 soon on PS3.

Take care.

~Dopey Criz
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