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Summer is here, Time for some spring cleaning!

Heat can be a big issue for the stability of your computer. Many users may already be aware, but for those who are not here is a little tip or maybe just a reminder.

As many users are moving in to these summer months some of them are having increased trouble with their system stability. This could very well be due to a rise in the ambient temperature. This alone should never be a problem. When you live in a dusty environment, that dust will build up in your computer. On occasion you should clean out the dust. Many heat sinks these days are of a thin-fin design, these are very prone to build up and should be monitored regularly. I recently cleaned out a system of mine a noted a massive 8C drop in system temperature.

In short, if your system has been giving you stabiliy isssues recently. Open it up and clean it out.

don't most cases have filters on thier vemts and fan inlets?
and anyway, if u hav that much dust builrt up that removing it caused a 8C drop, id probably consider installing filters on the fans if u dun hav any, and/or moving pc to diff location
Laptops are usually on the top of a desk, moved around alot, and don't usually have the same dust problems. If you haven't moved your laptop in a minute, then i guess the same problem will occur, but usually laptops don't suffer as much as the desktops that i have owned.

Heck, I open up my desktop the other day and almost got bit by a dust rhino that was living inside. He ofcorse, was displaced to the local landfill where I'm sure he's enjoying his new home!
The problem for this system is not so much a need for filters, which by the way will get clogged up and cause more issues faster than if they are not there, but the fact that I have a more fiber based dust in my home. This will build up very fast. On the note about preinstalled filters, I have not seen a major OEM PC (ie:Dell, HP, Sony...) that has had them. That is not to say I'm just looking at the wrong models.

Of all the types of dust the easiest to clean is the fiber based. But it builds faster. The least destructive is the powder based, it is slow to build. The worst are the tar based, from user who smoke around thier machine. It is nearly impossible to clean, and I can only imagine what corrosive agent may be in it.

Oh and clean the filters that cover the fan intakes.. or the dust will stop the intake of air and then cooling will be an issue Smile
Remember the point of this topic is not so much to post, but to remember to take the time to clean your computer!

Do it now! Stop the urge to post a reply here...turn your computer off...unplug it...and do a little spring cleaning yourself!!

**nuff said**

Serously! Stop it now!
and remember to ground yourself by touching the case, and be careful of static electricity... use puffers/compressed air instead of cloth which could damage your components, plus it's a lot easier using air... Rolling Eyes .
yeah.. one tip from me..

It's better to put your fan backward [so it'll sent the heat inside your computer outside ]

here is a story how I found this trcik :
I'm live in Indonesia - and it's sure hot here... not soo long ago, in my room s almost 60degree and my Pc still on. and you know.. the HDD "melted"... and the processor can't be fixed anymore... because of i didn't have enough money to fix [er.. replace] it and by AC, I decided to fix it, and do that trick, It works Very Happy nad thanls god now here is a nice cooling system for my room Smile
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