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How much do BioTechnicians make on average?


I was wondering on average how much do biotechnician get per month or per year! now I am not talking about the biotechicians who try to manipulate plant genes but human genes! As in using bacteria to create pencilin (I believe that is the term), ther cure for diabetes, or just manipulating the human gene to cure that person of his/her illness!

So basicaly how much do they make per month or per year in North America (Canada and America) or Europe!
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Pick a new career. I have spent the last two years trying to get into BioPharma. The jobs are few, the candidates are many, the pay is awful, and the work tends to be verry boring (repetitive tasks with little room for ingenuity).

When you do get a job, it's always contingent on grant funding being continued.
I know this is like pretty far away from the last post but I was not on the forums for a while was very busy over the summer! Firstly do not know where you live in as in which Country or for that matter city!

As I know of Canada and America have an increasing interest in that field and each year their revenue only increases!!! So if you can prove that this field sucks please do so other why's please do not spam!!! Anywho my question I live in Canada so if a Canadian or also American coudl help out!

I want to apply to University of Toronto and get into the Life Sciences program and do a specialization in biotechnology and maybe something else like biochemistry as I have heard they are two good combinations!

I was planning to go to UTM (Universty of Toronto in Mississauga) for first yeara nd then move over to the St.George Campus! What courses if you could approve of any would be good and interesting to take? I would like to hear your thoughts on certain courses that would be beneficial to take so that I can try to maneuver myself in a good direction and not have to repeat anything!

So please any advice would be of use! (Other than the advice of Benjad!!!) Wink
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