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2 Days From Yesterday


thats for my band.. but i created that a while ago.. any feedback??
Great Smile how do you did it?
It looks great as a CD cover Very Happy

Though you should center everything.
I mean, put that "star" and the text in the center of the image.
yeah. it has a very beautiful glow which kinda makes it real.
Fairly decent job there. For an album or band logo
ooooooooooh it is very deep..

focus my eyes in its center make me feel that it is moving Shocked

i like this lines so so much ... and its color ..
really good with a new feeling Arrow

but why this name .. Is it relate to something in ur own ?

Helios wrote:
It looks great as a CD cover Very Happy

Though you should center everything.
I mean, put that "star" and the text in the center of the image.

It would make a great CD cover. You (if you are not) should go into making CD covers. That image looks so cool. It gives it chacter that it isn't centered.
thanks alot, you guys are great. and 2 Days From Yesterday is my band and i made this kinda as a test to see if i was cut out for cd artwork. which it was turned into..
You know, I could be wrong, but I feel like this is something that probably doesn't look nearly as cool on paper as it does on the computer screen. ...but then, most computer art is best viewed on the computer. it's too bad.
I'm just curious, what are you guys implying by the name of your band. I think it is very creative, but I'd like to know more about the concept...
Great concept you got there

Is that made with solar cell?

I like the feel and vibe of it and dont want to come off that I dont like it, but for a band I would try a few things to make it look a tad bit more pro.

1 drop a black border around the whole thing. Maybe even two tone double border.

2 center the art. Its the focal point so use it. Its so close to center and the words are so it would be good to follow with the center piece. Or you could go off the the side if you made it smaller. But now its sorta in between.

3. I like the font colors but the font looks cheap. Try a drop shadow and an aura or glow around it. Might want to double or tripple the drop shadow for depth.

4. Last thing is if you come up with a band symblo drop it right into the middle of that thing Smile

It still rocks the way it is and the I am feeling the colors Smile

barcode is a font you can download for free. Makes it look more authentic for the back:)

The printers are gonna want that front cover 1490 x 1490

the back cover at 1845 x 1465

inside insert (backside of the cover) 1490 x 1490.

take care and great work
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